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What Brides Are Saying

Our DJ kept the music going and the crowd danced all night long!

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What Brides Are Saying

Mackenzie & Luke 10/4/2014 – Camp Tanadoona (DJ Charles D)

I wanted to say thank you for all of your help on Saturday. You are hands down the greatest DJ we’ve ever experienced at a party or wedding. Everyone was raving about you and the music you were playing. And thank you for sticking around a little past your 1:00am cut-off…no one wanted to stop dancing! We really appreciate your help with the projector set-up and video as well. Everything was just so perfect, and you were the best, very professional and so easy to work with.

Shaina & Kyle 9/20/2014 – Plymouth Creek Center (DJ Everett M)

Our DJ was absolutely fabulous!!!

Amy & Ben 9/20/2014 – Bearpath Golf & Country Club (DJ John A)

John read the room and crowd really well…we had people dancing the whole night and I’m confident each and every person was out on the dance floor at least once.

MJ & Peter 9/20/2014 – Residence (DJ Whitney N)

Our DJ did an amazing job of keeping everything going, despite some unexpected inclement weather that made this difficult. Our amazing DJ, Whitney, unbeknownst to us until hours later, stood ankle deep in mud with a smile on her face after rain hit our reception tent. She was a great fit for our guests and made sure everyone had fun on the dance floor.

Jenna & Kevin 9/20/2014 – Rosebrook Farms Barn (DJ Robert H)

Thank you for being a part of our wedding! We were very happy with the music and entertainment you provided and would definitely recommend you. Thanks again for all your hard work, especially moving all your equipment multiple times for the ceremony, cocktail and dinner music. We appreciated it!

Candice & Jaime 9/19/2014 – Brackett’s Crossing Country Club (DJ John A)

John absolutely killed it. When we think back on the wedding in the future, one of the things that will stick out will be the reception and how John facilitated it in the best way possible. Jaime and I keep talking about him 2 weeks after…that’s not creepy, right? John came extremely prepared (and early!) and made sure everything was set up and ready to go. He introduced himself early on and quickly confirmed all of the ceremony song choices since I had made some last minute edits. All night we never had to worry about making sure things happened or happened on time because John was always one step ahead. All night he handled himself as a true professional while also having fun. We liked to see that he enjoyed himself (or we hope so!) like when he would lead the Cupid Shuffle or other songs like that. He visited the photo booth and signed the guest book, which was awesome, he really felt like part of the wedding and not just working another evening gig. One of the things that we loved about John the most was how he interacted with the guests. We had a good mixture of young and old, Scandinavian Minnesotan, and Mexican guests. Most relatives from Jaime’s side are all Spanish speaking so John would announce things in both Spanish and English, which we thought was the nicest touch. He played a perfect mix of Spanish songs, top 40, polka, 70s, early 2000s, everything that we had indicated on our planner. He played multiple songs of a genre in a row (which we haven’t seen a lot at weddings) and it was great because people would stay out on the dance floor instead of one song and sitting down right away. Every song was mixed into the next so there was literally no break in the music all night. He showed skill in his job, rather than just pushing play on a playlist like Jaime and I have seen at other weddings.
Jaime and I went to 9 weddings this summer so we saw a lot of different styles, vendors, and catastrophes. After every wedding we would talk about what we liked and didn’t like, and we were the most nervous about the entertainment since it really makes or breaks a reception. Ours went perfectly, thanks to John, we would not have changed a thing.
The planner was comprehensive so we never felt like we overlooked something or didn’t have all details in line. Our DJ, was great with implementing our last minute changes and additions, even after the planner had closed. It was very much appreciated as there’s so much to cover I think I changed song choices about 20 times! I liked that it gave options for different genres, dances (like macarena, anniversary dance), or traditional pieces (like bouquet toss) as I would have definitely forgot about them with all of the last minute planning. The song library was extensive. We had a folder of Spanish songs that weren’t in the song library that we wanted played throughout the night and John was awesome at finding all the songs and making sure they were played. It was really easy to share the planner with our parents so everyone was on the same page with order of events, song choices, etc.
Jaime and I cannot recommend John and Instant Request enough! When we talk about the wedding with our friends and family, people always bring up the reception and how smoothly it went and how John had great control of the guests, tempo of the night, everything.

Amanda & Jason 9/19/2014 – Wayzata Country Club (DJ Brandon H)

Brandon was so much fun! Great DJ and made the atmosphere enjoyable. He was a great fit and just what we were hoping for!

Meredith & Eric 9/19/2014 – Golden Valley Golf and Country Club (DJ Jimmy B)

We absolutely LOVED Jimmy! He kept people on the dance floor all night; he also helped our videographer get hooked up to the sound system, and helped keep things running smoothly for us. Overall, he went above and beyond- we will definitely recommend him to friends and family!
We really appreciated that the pricing was clear with no extra added/hidden fees. We had such a positive experience with you- we are so grateful. The DJ service was one less thing we had to worry about and that was so helpful when we were in the depths of wedding planning!

Marina & Jeremy 9/14/2014 – Bearpath Golf & Country Club (DJ Justin R)

JUSTIN WAS AWESOME! Excellent service and flexible DJ!

Anna & Eric 9/13/2014 – Crowne Plaza St. Paul (DJ Josh P)

We will be recommending Instant Request to others in the future. For the price, it absolutely met our expectations. Thanks for helping make our special day great!

Jane & Chris 9/13/2014 – Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center (DJ Jason F)

Office Staff was very friendly! Every question I had was answered in a timely fashion  The online event planner was AWESOME! It made everything so easy and I was happy that I was able to plan everything down to the last detail and then when it came time to speak with my DJ about my event he just had to confirm what was in my planner and we were set to go!
Jason was a perfect fit for our wedding! He was accommodating to both our song requests as well as our guests! He kept our dance floor packed all night which was awesome! He was extremely organized and professional :) I would recommend him to anyone!
I found the pricing to be very affordable for what we got!

Gillian & Andrew 9/13/2014 – Woodhill Country Club (DJ Justin R)

JUSTIN EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS IN EVERY WAY!!!!!! Justin was amazing; his choice in music was perfect and he had the ENTIRE crowd dancing all night. He took our directives and playlist and his own suggestions in stride and did such an amazing job. He was doing such an amazing job we would have been happy to have him just pick all his own songs all night but he still came back and asked us to consult on whether he was sticking to the playlist enough. We also had some tricky requests for our father/daughter and mother/son dances and he accomplished them PERFECTLY. I cannot sing his praises loud enough. We love Justin!

Emily & Chris 9/13/2014 – Rush Creek Golf Club (DJ Everett M)

the software was very useful. We both love music, but aren’t very music “savy” and know a lot of artists or songs, so it was very useful for us. The DJ was definitely a good fit, and met beyond our expectations.

Jennifer & Corey 9/6/2014 – Olympic Hills Golf Club (DJ Hyun L)

We LOVED Instant Request, and will recommend to everyone looking for a DJ! Extremely! The chat feature is what we used most to communicate, and everyone we talked to was excellent! We could not have asked for a better DJ! Hyun was fantastic– he read our crowd perfectly, played great songs, was extremely fun, all while providing fantastic service! He checked in with us a few times throughout the night which we appreciated, but didn’t have any suggestions because everything he did was great. Many of our friends and family commented on how great he was, and took his card for future events. I am a type-A extreme planner, and I was able to let go and enjoy the night because he took care of everything!
From the great value of service, the online planner, the equipment, and our fabulous DJ– everything was above expectations. We are the first of our friends and immediate family to get married, so there are many people we get to share our experience and advice :)

Kelsey & Preston 9/6/2014 – Bearpath Golf & Country Club (DJ Justin R)

Justin was perfect! The dance floor was packed all night! We got so many compliments!

Susie & Brandon 9/5/2014 – Rochester Art Center (DJ Anthony D)

Loved the online even planner software! Had a great music library stocked full of suggestions to help the planning process and the staff was very timely and friendly with re-opening my event planner account so I could add some more song requests.
Anthony D was absolutely amazing! He understood exactly what I was looking for – had a great eclectic mix of music genres to accomodate all ages/preferences of my guests and myself. We had several odd ball music requests that were family jokes and some of the songs may have been difficult to find but Anthony hooked us up and was able to work in the surprise songs we had planned – we had so much fun dancing all night!
Great price & quality together is something you don’t always find. I was very impressed with the staff willing to go above & beyond to help out their customers. I would definitely recommend Instant Request to other people!

Molly & Adam 9/5/2014 – Gale Woods Farm (DJ Jonathan W)

You have an excellent planning tool. Our DJ was great, laid back and easy to work with. He really felt the crowd and was an excellent DJ.

Patty & Eric 9/5/2014 – Aster Café (DJ Kailen N)

My daughter Patty used your company for her wedding on 9/05/2014 at the Aster Cafe. I want to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you. You were always very polite and professional. Your service helped make our event a success.
I also want to compliment our DJ, Kailen N. He was fabulous and very, very professional. He took care of every issue that came up with professionalism and made us feel confident that things were going to go exactly how we wanted. We really appreciated everything he did for us that night. He did an excellent job.

Roni Rose 8/31/2014 – Nicollet Island Inn (DJ Andy M)

Andy M was just the right person for us; low key, organized, adaptable and he also made helpful suggestions the night of our wedding.

Audri & Cody 8/31/2014 – Medina Entertainment Center (DJ Travis B)

Thank you Instant Request for a FABULOUS wedding reception!!!! We received so many compliments about how fun the dance was and even the reception staff made a point to come and tell me that they have never seen so many people on the dance floor and stay for the whole night!
There is no regret with our decision to go with Instant Request! Thank you for helping make our wedding memory an incredible one!
The software was easy to use and helpful in giving our DJ a good direction of what we wanted our wedding music to be. It asked all the questions we didn’t think about regarding our reception.
We have many good things to say about Instant Request, one of which being how flexible the DJ is about meeting you before the wedding. It was a huge fear that we would not be able to communicate with the DJ very far in advance from the wedding, but this was quickly put to rest when Travis made every effort to fit into our schedule. We also loved their balance between taking the flow of the dance into their own hands and checking in with us to make sure we were happy with how things were going!
From our original quote, the price was sill very competitive with other companies we were looking at. The thing that solidified our decision was what was included in our pricing. They have state of the art equipment, which we found other companies sacrifice, their staff is so accommodating and of all companies you got to meet your DJ the quickest with Instant Request, which for us was a huge deal!

Briana & Martin 8/31/2014 – La Belle Vie (DJ Alex K)

Quick answer: Alex did a phenomenal job. We couldn’t have wished for a better DJ!

Lindsay & Nick 8/30/2014 – Edina Country Club (DJ Jason F)

I had a wonderful experience. Setting up the DJ for our wedding was a easy experience. The online event planner was phenomenal. It gave us the control to hear what we wanted on our wedding. That way Jason could cater to the vibe in the room based on how the crowd was.
Jason F was amazing. He kept the party going all night long. There was never a dull moment, people loved him and asked for his information to use him in the future.

Fiona & John 8/30/2014 – Minnesota Boat Club (DJ Ryan L)

Ryan was wonderful to work with and played great music. Instant Request is easy to work with, transparent pricing.

Jan & Gene 8/30/2014 – Christ Luthern Church in Minneapolis(DJ Andy M)

Andy M was very personable, very pleasant. He followed our event planner…..played the music at a level that people could still converse, which we think is difficult. He was a low-key DJ, which we appreciated, being that we are older (over 70), with many older guests. Guests commented over and over on his wonderful choice of dinner music. We were very pleased with the entire evening’s entertainment. Previous to the wedding, he addressed several questions we had, having nothing to do with music (serving cupcakes, the prayer, etc.). Also assured us that everything was being taken care of, this was very reassuring for us. At the end of the evening, he left us a very warm, gracious note saying how much he had enjoyed working at our wedding; saying he had been welcomed and treated so very well by our family and friends.
You were accessible; were located in any area easy to reach and park. You immediately got us the event planner, which was extremely helpful. Not having any experience with DJs, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Our DJ did an outstanding job; was very professional.

Elise & Eric 8/30/2014 – Minneapolis City Hall Rotunda (DJ Rick A)

The DJ was the perfect choice and had a great personality.

Alicia & Tony 8/30/2014 – Queen of Excelsior (DJ Travis M)

Our DJ was awesome! We ended up with some last minute venue changes and Travis was able to go with the flow and improvise as needed.

Emma & Craig 8/29/2014 – Calhoun Beach Club (DJ John A)

Our DJ, John, was amazing!! All our wedding guests said, “Your wedding had the best music!” It was a perfect progression of older songs to newer songs. He read the crowd very well, and took song suggestions and mixed them in seamlessly. John had great energy and stage presence! He also checked in with me half way through the night to make sure everything was going smoothly and I really appreciated that. The office staff was extremely friendly and filled us in on all the necessary details.
I loved how Instant Request selected a DJ that was our age because he knew the audience. The dance floor was FULL until the end of the night! 100% I would definitely recommend John!

Carrie & Yaron 8/24/2014 – Rum River Barn and Vineyard in Hilman (DJ)

Yaron and I live in Europe so we really relied on vendors to communicate with us over email. Instant Request was flexible in this way and always happy to communicate with us in the way that worked best for us. Our DJ was a perfect fit for us and for our guests. I liked the way our DJ seemed to understand us and our vision so quickly. It made us feel confident and required very little effort on our part.

Ellie & Matthew 8/23/2014 – Private Residence (DJ Bengi D)

Bengi was great, we really enjoyed having him, he did an excellent job, and would recommend him any day of the week!

Kris & MiKayla 8/23/2014 – Holiday Inn St. Paul-I-94-East (DJ Eric M)

I just wanted to send an email to your company thanking Eric M for doing an amazing job with our wedding.
He kept the dance floor going all night long, and he helped out in any way possible to make the night wonderful.
We have people coming up to us still after the wedding and telling us how much fun they had, and what a great time the dance floor was.
Eric did and Awesome Job!!

Kaylee & Josh 8/23/2014 – Camp Tanadoona, Excelsior (DJ Justin R)

It was well worth every penny!
Justin was AMAZING! He had a great feel to the evening! He was better than what we were expecting! I really enjoyed the professionalism! From start to finish there was no worry about anything! Justin showed up early ready to look over the area and get everything going! He was fabulous!
The office staff was great! They were prompt with any questions I had in regard to the event! The planner was GREAT!! I really enjoyed using the website! One of the best sites I have used. Yes it was nice to have some lighting in there! We had a tent and when the sun when down it provided a ton of light in the tent for everyone to have blast!

Kimberly & Christopher 8/23/2014 – Eden Prairie Garden Room (DJ Andy M)

Everything went well, Andy M was great!

Cheryl & Nick 8/23/2014 – Oak Glen Golf Club (DJ Kyle M)

The online event planner is the greatest tool. It made it super easy for us to plan out our whole evening. I wouldn’t have thought of a bunch of the questions it asked us. FANTASTIC!! I loved the fact that you could preview the songs and that it gave you song selections for each part of the reception.
Our DJ, Kyle, was fantastic to work with. He had lots of enthusiasm and was flexible when the timing of things would need to change in the evening. He could read the crowd and knew the right songs to play to keep everyone engaged.
I loved the online event planner and I loved the price. Instant Request is a very professional company and I would recommend them to my friends.

Staci & Stephanie 8/22/2014 – Calhoun Beach Club

I don’t know what kind of “match-making” system you have but you would put e-harmony and out of business. He was really easy-going, and awesome to work with. Our guests LOVE to dance and so do we, and he kept the dance floor packed all night long. Even doing mash-ups for song transitions, and working with my maid of honor on her speech. Really responsive and a fun guy. I have been been to weddings where the DJ basically takes a nap and lets the music do the work, but not our DJ. He was present, active, great with our guests and us! Even obliged to “one more song”…I would keep him around! We bought when there was a deal going on, but after experiencing your services, I would pay the original price.

Christina & Matt Quade 8/22/2014 – Crowne Plaza Northstar Downtown Mpls (DJ Anthony D)

Anthony was AWESOME, the crowd dug his style and he did an excellent job keeping everyone engaged and on the dance floor!!

Lauren & Alex 8/22/2014 – Eagan Community Center (DJ Alex K)

I thought instant request did a great job. Every time I called with questions the staff was super friendly and helpful! The online event planner was nice. Our DJ Alex did a great job and was super nice and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a dj! Thanks Alex and staff for all your help!!!

Nicole & Nicholas 8/16/2014 – Campus Club of the University of Minnesota (DJ Jimmy B)

This was awesome and a great tool! So glad it was there; it took a lot of stress of having to remember songs of the top of your head, and what dances to do, and was really easy to use! Jimmy was AWESOME! He was the perfect fit for our wedding. So nice and friendly!

Kayla & Matthew 8/16/2014 – Lakeside Ballroom in Glenwood (DJ Steve F)

Steve was an awesome DJ, he definitely exceeded my expectations! It was a great price and he made the wedding dance into a great time! I liked that they didn’t have advertisement banners up like other DJ’s and he was very nice and always checked with me on how I would like the music to go for the night. I would definitely recommend Instant Request DJ Entertainment!

Kristina & Joe 8/16/2014 – Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester (DJ Jason Q)

Very friendly and accommodating! Speedy at emails! I loved how fast and easy it was to work with Instant Request. The DJ knew everything we had put on our play list for both the ceremony and the dance and I didn’t have to worry about a thing!

Ashley & Mitch 8/16/2014– Hastings Country Club (DJ Ryan L)

My DJ (Ryan LaRue) was very good at listening to what I wanted and imagined for my reception. Ryan made it clear that he was there for me and my husband, and he certainly stuck to that. While he took requests and made other guests happy, he made sure we were priority when talking to him or even requesting music. I had a lot of good compliments on our DJ. Great fit for our style, everyone wanted to dance and have a good time so he made sure that happened. I told him I wanted to keep slow songs to a minimum and dollar dance short so I can enjoy my night after months of stress and he did great with that!
I liked that I had the ability to make payments towards our account online (had so many other things to pay for so the amount of time to pay it off was perfect), the online event planner was fun!
DJ’s can be expensive, but I found Instant request to be a bit cheaper than competitors. I know people may be skeptical about being cheaper because often times we hear “you get what you pay for” but you really do get a great experience at a discounted rate! Thank you!!

Anna & Grant 8/15/2014 – Town & Country Club (DJ Justin R)

I can’t say enough good things about Justin and the service. The tool was fantastic and Justin filled in a lot of gaps we we’re thinking of.

Lee & Mike 9/13/2014 – Dakota Lodge in West St. Paul (DJ Jonathan W)

Our DJ was really supportive of how laid back we were and made sure things were working alright. I really appreciated the help with the microphone for speeches. We considered just plugging into the venue’s sound system and doing it ourself, but the price of Instant Request didn’t seem out of our reach in order to have a professional do it. And I’m so glad that we did. All of the work ahead of time really put us at ease. We went to a family wedding a few weeks before ours and the DJ and sound equipment were terrible. Using the website and talking to Jonathan before the day of the wedding calmed our fears.

Shelly & Scott 8/9/2014 – Westin Minneapolis (DJ Kailen N)

My experience with Instant Request has been nothing but great!
Thank you so much for everything!

Autumn & Jonathan 8/9/2014 – Ideal Hall in St. Paul (DJ John A)

The event planner was great it made us feel like we were involved with the music for our wedding. We like that we got to make our own playlist on the event planner and everything we liked was playing. Our
DJ had everyone on their feet all night. Thank you guys for everything John was a great DJ!

Amy & Mike 8/9/2014 – McNamara Alumni Center (DJ Anthony D)

DJ Anthony was awesome!!! He fit our style was accommodating and flexible. Our guests were happy as he played all of their song requests. We were originally supposed to have another DJ but we couldn’t have been matched with anyone better. I liked meeting with the DJ in person prior to our event. Both parties had a better understanding of the events to unfold and it made it more personable.

Hannah & Brian 8/9/2014 – Nicollet Island Pavilion (DJ Bengi D)

Bengi exceeded our expectations. He was incredibly professional, made sure the reception was about us and what we wanted, and most of all was a fun person to have included in our celebration. He absolutely fit our style! We were absolutely thrilled with how it turned out and that he was a part of our wedding! The DJ absolutely made our reception. We didn’t have a lot of specific song requests to be played we just told Bengi we loved to dance and wanted everyone to have a good time. He kept the dance floor packed throughout the entire evening, played a great variety of music that all of our guests could enjoy. We received many compliments from our guests about what a great job they thought he did and what a fun time they had. He was what we liked best about Instant Request! We would recommend Instant Request (as well as the DJ we worked with) to other people.

Gabriela & Christian 8/8/2014 – Bearpath Golf & Country Club (DJ Andrew N)

Everything was wonderful.

Allison & Micah 8/3/2014 – Historic Hope Glen Farm (DJ Justin R)

We loved our experience with Instant Request and Justin! We are so happy we went with you for our DJ vendor.
The online planner made everything very simple and helped us with planning our wedding reception. We really appreciated the communication from Justin that we received before the wedding. He was able to answer a few questions of ours, and I felt confident that he had everything in order for the evening.
Justin was such a wonderful DJ! He was easy to talk to during the reception and did a perfect job transitioning our guests from one place to another. He had great energy and kept our guests dancing the whole evening! We got so many compliments after the wedding about how fun the dance was. Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. :)
Thank you for everything! It was a perfect reception, and we are so thankful for yours and Justin’s help.

Allie & John 8/2/2014 – Interlachen Country Club (DJ Matt H)

Instant Request always got back to us within a couple of days (usually sooner than that I think!) and provided all necessary info, AS WELL AS next steps — so helpful!
Matt H. was AMAZING!! Meeting with him was very helpful and right from the get go he was excited about the event, and he got on our page right away. We said we wanted a fun dance party – and he more than delivered. He also DJ’d the ceremony and I was really nervous about songs “queing” at the right time and not sounding awkward etc – and I feel silly for even worrying. MATT ROCKED. Numerous guests also told me how AWESOME the DJ was and that it was the best wedding dance they’d been to (and I had a large east coast bratty contingency haha). I cannot say enough great things about how spectacular Matt made the day. In fact, I think my sister is hoping he’ll do her wedding in January (Becky McCarthy)!
I totally thought it would be more expensive and in general I felt like it was affordable for all the greatness!
Kate & Dan 8/2/2014 – Hillcrest Golf (DJ Steve J)

All my interactions with the office staff was great! The overall experience with them – I didn’t have to worry about a thing! Some wedding vendors treated you like another number, while working with you we were treated like an individual event that you wanted to be a part of. I really appreciated that!

Jillian & Jared 8/2/2014 – Silverwood Park Visitor Center (DJ Ryan L)

Of all of our wedding vendors, I.R. was by far the most friendly, reliable, easy to reach, and helpful. Our DJ was great. He kept people moving despite the fact that it was a beautiful night outside and a lot of people were partying out there rather than inside. He was also extremely friendly on our phone conversation prior to the wedding and knew how to be helpful on the day of the event.
Friendliness and professionalism from the second I met Mitch at the wedding fair to Ryan wrapping up the night at the wedding. At the wedding fair, almost every other vendor I talked to was rude about being on a budget, impersonal, and uninterested. Mitch was friendly and succinct, giving me all the information I needed in the perfect amount of time. I literally told my mom I wanted to hug him when we left the booth. The emails I received with reminders about due dates and planning along the way were useful and not too frequent. Any questions I had were responded to in a very timely manner. Ryan was helpful, funny, and knowledgeable about his job.

Katelyn & Tim 8/2/2014 – Brackett’s Crossing Country Club (DJ Chad V)

More than amazing and timely! Answered calls and emails same day and were easy to talk to as well. The DJ was awesome! He was fun, friendly, and very personable with Katelyn, myself, and guests. His style was awesome and the dance floor was seriously packed from the beginning until the end!
We just had the basics that came with normal package and that was perfect! More than enough lights and sounds. 100% of the time I would recommend Instant Request. We actually already recommended to Katelyn’s cousin that is getting married next year. The value of Instant Request was great, it was very comparable to other DJ services and the service that was provided made it worth every penny!

Andrea & Kevin 8/2/2014 – Round Barn Farm in Redwing (DJ Jonathan W)

Jonathan was just so great to work with. He was incredibly easy to talk to on the phone even though we hadn’t met in person, and he listened to all of my requests and did a great job with everything on the wedding day. He was incredibly friendly and accommodating, and he executed everything exactly according to what we discussed. He did a great job of selecting music for the various parts of the day — pre-ceremony, social hour, dinner, and dance — but he also played the music I had selected. The sound and lighting were both great. No difficulty hearing us during the ceremony, and the music was always at a good volume. The lights were great for the dance, but not too over the top.

Rylee & Kyle 8/2/2014 – James J. Hill Reference Library (DJ Robert H)

We did our research for other companies in the area. Instant Request was hands down the most organized, had the best reputation, had a unique style/business plan, and had the best price compared to other companies in the twin cities.
The instant request DJ staff was wonderful. Our questions were always answered in a timely manner and the office hours were convenient for us as well. We loved the online event planner. With the amount of meetings that come with weddings, it was nice to put it all in one place and let the DJ take it from there. YES! We loved Robert! He did a great job of keeping the dance floor alive with our style of music and by reading the crowd.
I like the combination of professionalism and convenience. It was so nice to have only two meetings, fully understand what we need to complete, and have the best DJ chosen for us. The price was also wonderful – you get a lot for your money.

Justine & Trent 8/2/2014 – BayView Event Center (DJ Joey A)

The DJ (Joey) was AWESOME! He fit perfectly for our group of wedding guests. No one wanted him to leave at the end of the night! He was very nice and flexible. I would recommend him to anyone.

Alyssa & Ryan 8/1/2014 – Refuge Golf Club (DJ Matt H)

Matt Houchin was our fabulous DJ! We loved working with him! He was very professional, knowledgeable, and kept the crowd on the dance floor throughout the night. We used Instant Request for both the ceremony and reception music. Matt did absolutely perfect job timing out our ceremony music. It was so perfect it gave me chills.
The Event Planner was also an amazing tool to use. I had so much fun going through the songs and designating my “Must Play List”. Instant Request was always quick to respond to my emails too. I would highly recommend Matt & Instant Request.

Nicole & Josh 7/26/2014 – Happy Gnome in St. Paul (DJ Jeremy L)

Jeremy was great. He kept the group dancing all evening long. Very highly recommended for his ability to read the crowd, play a good mix of music and work in some requests. matched up a DJ to my specific requests for personality type and musical preferences. Thanks for doing a great job and making our wedding night a fun success. I received many compliments about the great DJ.

Lisa & Ryan 7/26/2014 Grand Event Center in Northfield (DJ Alex K)

Alex was great . Very professional and fun! We have already recommended to multiple parties.

Hanna & Alex 7/26/2014 – Golden Valley Golf and Country Club (DJ Travis M)

Travis was extremely helpful and personable; he was the perfect fit for us. We loved the planning software; it made it very easy to not forget anything!

Anjali & Benjamin 7/26/2014 – Semple Mansion (DJ Eric D)

The DJ was perfect for our wedding! He stuck to my list with little deviation!

Meghann & Sam 7/24/2014 – Bar Lurcat (DJ John A)

We were glad to have our DJ direct the flow of the music and the evening. John was exceptional in every sense. Super fun, yet very professional. Could not have been happier. Sound and lighting were terrific. Just enough to light up our space without being tacky or overwhelming. Sound system was also great. Instant Request was a joy to work with. Definitely impressed with the customer service, I had all my questions answered promptly. And John was perfect! Without a doubt, Instant request would be the service I would recommend for any couple’s wedding. Exceptional service and very reasonably priced. Certainly you have the best value in a DJ service I have seen! I can’t imagine a better value in a service. Completely full-service, full-day coverage, and exceptional staff DJs.

Elizabeth & Evan 7/20/2014 – Dellwood Country Club (DJ Rick A)

The DJ was so good. He was better than I expected & was very professional. He was such a good fit for our wedding. He handled my mother perfectly and really helped the guests get into copy-cat kissing & all the dancing. How they took care of everything on the day. It ran so smoothly and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I loved how they talked with the other vendors and were so professional.
Yes, I think for all the work they did and how much stress they took away from me on the day, it was definitely worth every penny.
Thanks for everything!

Lyndi & Danny 7/19/2014 – Residence (DJ Kailen N)

We had an excellent experience with Instant Request. Office staff was very friendly and helpful every time we talked. The online planner was great and really helped us think through everything. Kailen was an awesome DJ. He got there early to set up the PA system for the wedding, allowing the musicians to sound check and practice. Cocktail hour music was exactly what we wanted. He read the crowd perfectly during the reception and flowed seamlessly from song to song. The dance floor was packed from the first song to the last

Elizabeth & Michael 7/19/2014 – Calhoun Beach Club (DJ Nate A)

Nate did an amazing job and we were so happy we had him as our DJ. The music was great all night long and he did such a great job of adjusting to the crowd. He also did a great job during the dinner and speeches… and helping with our “couple trivia”.We were very happy with the job he did.
It was easy to custom build a play list and we were happy that we could choose our own DJ.

Christina & Wally 7/19/2014 – Prestwick Golf Club (DJ Kyle B)

Kyle Bennett was such a great DJ! He was very kind, friendly, and did such an amazing job keeping the dance floor packed the entire night! He followed our wishes to a “T” and we had nothing but positive comments about him from our guests. We would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who asks! We liked the fact that it was easy to work with you. It was great to have the online planner and to be able to put everything into one place and have everyone on the same page. We never had to worry about things going wrong with the DJ. We felt very confident that you had it covered and we knew it would be a successful night of dancing because of that!
The online event planner was extremely helpful!! It was so nice to have all the questions answered before talking with the DJ. Some of the items on the planner were things we wouldn’t have thought to have a plan for, but we were so glad we did! It was great to know the timeline of the night ahead of time. It cut down on any worries we would have had about how things would play out the day of.

Krista & Dolan 7/19/2014 – Private Residence (DJ Eric M)

Eric was awesome! We loved him!

Jillian & Tony 7/19/2014 – Lafayette Club (DJ Anthony D)

The black-tie service was worth every penny and getting to meet Anthony up front was great. Anthony exceeded our expectations and was a perfect fit for our style. I think he did exactly what we asked, which was to be an MC, give us directions, but not take over the wedding either. Anthony was great!
The best was probably a combination of Anthony being a good fit for us as well as the on-line planner. The planner just makes everything easy for us and we don’t need to call or ask about every little detail but can just put it all into the planner (like requesting music you did not have).
We had a lot of guests comment on how good the music was and how good the DJ was. We would definitely recommend to others and put in a special recommendation for Anthony as well.
Pricing was great. We reserved just about a year and half out and were able to secure a big discount too. Compared to others you were on par or just under so it was a great value. The DJ price also then motivated us to keep everything under the same company when we added the up lighting and the DVD and screen service.

Stephanie & Ryan 7/12/2014 – Villa Bellezza in Pepin, WI (DJ Anthony D)

Anthony was a great fit and a fantastic DJ for our day/night!! Anthony packed our dance floor. He did a fantastic job and it was well worth booking specifically him! For a summer wedding in the prime of wedding season… It was in line with other competitors but, the guarantee of having DJ Anthony booked specifically …was worth the added cost.

Catherine & Andrew 7/12/2014 – St. Anthony Main Event Centre (DJ Jason Q)

Our DJ was Jason Quaynor and he was fabulous. Very professional and friendly, and we had a great time planning with him. He took really, really good care of us and was also very professional in dealing with one of our more inebriated guests who kept hitting on him. Our apologies for that!
Jason had our music tastes, styles perfectly. We could find almost any song we wanted somehow.

Kristi & Andy 7/12/2014 – Depot Minneapolis (DJ Rick A)

He was amazing! So easy to work with and did a wonderful job. Friendly, easy to work with, focused on us and making our day great.

Quinn & Jeffrey 7/12/2014 – Fort Snelling Club (DJ Charlie Mitchell)

I thought the DJ’s who were assigned to the reception for Quinn and Jeff were wonderful. They did an excellent job of playing what the kids chose, and were attentive to the mood of the party, the people, dancing etc.!! They were perfect. I was very pleased with Instant Request and would certainly recommend your company to others. Thanks so much for helping to bring such a memorable event to our guests!!

Camille & Adam 7/12/2014 – Kellerman’s Event Center (DJ Tom C)

The office staff was great. Mitch was super helpful in our initial meeting as well as with email support throughout. Instant Request matched us up with a great DJ. They absolutely met our expectations. The price combined with the service was sooo easy to work with. I will definitely recommend Instant Request.

Russ & Trevor 7/5/2014 – Loews Hotel (DJ Anthony D)

Special thanks to Shawn and Mitch for taking extra good care of us! Anthony exceeded all expectations and the dance floor was packed the whole night. The event planning software gave us a lot of peace-of-mind, throughout the wedding planning process things changed and we thought of new ideas/songs, it was really nice to be able to just login in and make sure we had everything captured correctly rather than having to manually make a list or call on the phone.

Beth & Eric 7/2/2014 – Riverwood Inn & Conference Center (DJ Jeremy L)

Our DJ was AWESOME! Our dance floor was packed from 7:30 until 1:00am. Although we had many songs picked out, we asked him to play whatever kept people on the dance floor. We had a blast.

Betsy & Logan 06/29/2014 – Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake (DJ Jason M)

If the bride and groom wish to have a family appropriate dance party, I would highly recommend this DJ. He was exactly what we were looking for! The online event planner was extremely thorough and helpful for walking through the entire evening and made sure all requests were accounted for. Our DJ was fantastic! He was able to read the room and keep the energy up and dance party going all evening!! Our guests LOVED the clicking of the glass game that we played where the guests kiss in the way that they want to newlyweds to kiss. I loved that our DJ was able to read the room and choose songs that all ages would enjoy in order to keep the majority of people dancing all evening!

Shilpa & Dan 6/28/2014 – Day Block Building (DJ John A)

Everyone was great to work with! The planner software was very useful! John was awesome! We loved having him as our DJ and would recommend him to anyone else! Everything was great!

Ashley & Jon 6/28/2014 – Refuge Golf Club (DJ Jason M)

The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would email with any questions and Instant Request was able to give my knowledgeable answers in a very timely manner. Yes I thought that the online event planner was very useful. It was great to have ideas and suggestions for the ceremony music, first dances, cake cutting, cocktail hour, bouquet/garter toss as well as songs I wanted to be played during the actual dance. It was nice to see how the reception would play out.
Jason did a great job and was pleasant, friendly and easy to work with. He said if I needed I could call, email, text anytime throughout the planning and process which was very nice, helpful and reassuring.
We also raffled off a shotgun at our wedding and Jason was great at announcing when we would be selling tickets, was awesome at narrowing down the winner and really got the crowd involved and excited with anticipation.

Darcy & Tom 6/28/2014 – Hope Glen Farm in Cottage Grove (DJ Bengi D)

Bengi was amazing! The DJ that you paired us with was fantastic. He was very accommodating, very flexible, was able to handle any issues that came up the day of. We were more than happy with him. Price was very competitive and fair.

Jessica & Chris 6/28/2014 – Minikahda Club (DJ Nate A)

Nate did a really great job at my wedding. I didn’t want a lot of microphone use or auctioneer talking by the DJ and he did (or didn’t do) just what I asked for! Props to NATE!

Sarah & Andrew 6/28/2014 – Macalester College (DJ Matt H)

All in all – a wonderful experience.
All of the staff I worked with were wonderful; after we signed the initial contract, staff realized we had other friends that used your company and they asked if we wanted anyone specific. That was really nice!
The software was awesome and I hope really helpful for our DJ. By the time we had our conversation a couple weeks before the wedding, it was super easy to run through everything. The music selection is huge and wonderful! We really appreciated all the options provided.

Jessica & Aaron 6/21/2014 – Chambers Hotel Mpls (Le Meridien) (DJ Alex K)

The online planning system was great and easy to use! We loved being able to preview songs and put together a list of our favorites songs to share with our DJ. Alex was PHENOMENAL – he went above and beyond the entire day (and leading up to the day) and was great at reading the crowd and keeping the party going! We really enjoyed the ease of the online event planner and we can’t say enough how impressed we were with our DJ.

Katia & Ryan 6/21/2014 – Stoneridge Golf Club (DJ Anthony D)

We worked with Instant Request to DJ our ceremony and reception. Anthony D was awesome! Everything went flawlessly with the ceremony and he kept the dance floor packed at the reception. He was awesome!

Lean and John 6/21/2014 – Blaisdell Manor (DJ Andrew N)

The attentive manner of your office staff sold me at the outset! The event planner software was exceptionally useful! It allowed me to become organized in terms of timeline for the event and then inspired other questions I would need to ask or consider when planning out the rest of the event. Andrew was very courteous and professional! He received music requests from guests and the bridal party throughout the night, and everyone had an enjoyable evening as a result! I would wholeheartedly recommend the use of your service to other brides or any major event requiring music, audio and/or lighting! Instant Request is the whole package for bringing all of the elements of an event together!

Amber & Steve 6/14/2014 – Target Field (DJ Charlie T)

Awesome DJ!

Laura & Benjamin 6/14/2014 – Guardian Angels Parish in Oakdale (DJ Doug L)

The DJ was AWESOME! We received lots of compliments about him! Very professional, friendly, kept everyone on the dance floor!

Courtney & Mike 6/14/2014 – U of M Arboretum in Chaska (DJ Brandon H)

We loved the online event planner. It was so helpful to be able to set out the timeline and all of our preferences in the planner. It was one of my favorite things about Instant Request. Brandon was great. He was on top of everything and played great music.

Lyndsey & Chris 6/7/2014 – Minneapolis City Hall Rotunda (DJ Zach V)

The staff was very responsive to emails/phone calls. Our DJ was a very good fit for us, we really enjoyed having Zach at our wedding. The DJ also had very good spacing/planning on how/when he played songs. The pricing was comparable to other providers and I think you provide a better service compared to other weddings I have been to.

Kelly & Brian 6/7/2014 – Erte Restaurant (DJ Sean M)

Our DJ did SUCH a great job, we really liked him! We will definitely be recommending Instant Request to others.

Abigail & Steven 6/7/2014 – Olympic Hills Golf Club (DJ Jason Z)

Quality song selection, good handling of the playlist during the wedding, ability to keep things going and not linger on a song if it was dying on the dance floor, professionalism and good service

Jayne & Andrew 6/7/2014 – Edgewood Farm (DJ Kailen N)

Kalen was awesome!!!! We cannot say enough good things. He was accommodating, kind, and professional. He helped throw a great party.

Vanessa & Jonathan 6/7/2014 – Winehaven Winery (DJ Everett M)

Office Staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. Style was great – classy, but up for a great time! His smile, politeness, and professionalism were exceptional.

Carly & Nate 6/7/2014 – St. Paul Union Depot (DJ Charles D)

Charlie was phenomenal! We can’t say enough good things about him. He kept everyone dancing until the bitter end. We really appreciate how he carried the night and our venue was a tough one for sound and he still did a great job. The office staff was definitely friendly and accommodating from the first call to our last!

Molly & Nyle 6/6/2014 – Aria at the Jeune Lune (DJ Justin R)

Loved the event planner and the fact that we could select our style as well as eliminate unwanted music. Our DJ went beyond our expectations, He did an awesome job! We loved that we could rely on your expertise and experiences at Aria to create the best evening possible for us!

Mary & Josiah 5/31/2014 – St. James Hotel (DJ Rick A)

We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. He did everything we asked and then some. The DJ was a good fit for our wedding. Great personality and kept everything going throughout the night. Professional staff, genuine, on time and very detailed in what they were doing and offering.

Angie & Reed 5/31/2014 – Rosenwood Farm (DJ Travis B)

Travis was INCREDIBLE. He really was an absolute delight to work with. He was flexible, empathic and so incredibly pleasant with all of our guests. It absolutely poured on our wedding day and he was fabulous about watching the weather, speeding us up when we could get something done in between downpours (like the grand march) and keeping the timeline flexible when it got a little pushed around because of weather.

Meghan & Tyler 5/31/2014 – Camrose Hill Farm (DJ Charlie M)

Charlie was great. He definitely followed our preferred genres and responded to the guests well with great music choices! The lighting definitely adds a little something to the dance party!! The event planner was such a great help to planning our music selections for the day and evening and even to help plan other details as well.

Lesley & Zeiter 5/31/2014 – Atlas Grill (DJ Jason Q)

Jason was a great fit for us and very accommodating to our event since we alternated between DJ and live singer. Everything looked and sounded great!

Staci & Mark 5/31/2014 – TPC Golf Club in Blaine (DJ John A)

John A. was an EXCELLENT FIT! He was high energy, was very polite to our guests and was probably the highlight of our reception. Every guest commented on how much fun he looked like he was having and how good of a job he did. We could not recommend him highly enough. (I would give him a 15 on a 10 point scale)
The online event planner was VERY GOOD! It really helped my bride and I to figure out what it was we wanted. We were very thankful that our DJ walked us through our selections and was able to help provide additional input and clarifications. The sound and lighting system was bigger and grander than we had envisioned for the base package. We were very happy with the equipment and John’s knowledge of his set up.
We got a great package with an AMAZING DJ for an even better price. We definitely got more than we expected! As a price conscious shopper I thought that I was sacrificing on DJ to spend money elsewhere. It turned out that we got way more value for way less money than we had expected. Instant Request is competitively priced, their services are amazing and they DJs know how to throw a party!! I would recommend Instant Request to others without hesitation.

Raya & Mike 5/31/2014 – Day Block Building (DJ Ryan W)

Ryan was absolutely fantastic. He followed all of our requests in the planner, was pretty hands off and played a perfect mix. Would not change a thing! Response time to emails was VERY quick, which was greatly appreciated. We absolutely LOVED the event planner, it was one of our decision making factors and would recommend it to anyone! Most of our songs for the night were chosen by us, such a cool feeling! I also liked that there was a deadline, it gave us a goal to finish ahead of time!
We had not issues with the sound at all and the uplights looked great, along with the lighting on the dance floor!

Nikki & Chad 5/31/2014 – Radisson Blu at MOA (DJ Ryan L)

Yes, I usually talked with Mitch and he was very helpful and always answered my questions in a timely matter. We loved the online event planner. Our DJ was fantastic, he did an excellent job watching the crowd and keeping them on the dance floor along with playing our must have songs. We loved the online event planner most, which is why we choose your company. We liked that there were song list ideas for whatever genre we were looking for and we liked that we could ask for a few special songs if you didn’t currently carry it. We also liked that we had the option on sitting down with our DJ or just talking everything through over the phone. We did the phone because of schedules and everything went very smoothly!
We loved your company. The people we talked with were very knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt. The DJ was great and a perfect fit for what we wanted.

Katie & Mark 5/31/2014 – Bearpath Golf Club (DJ Travis M)

Everything went great!

Aurelia & Gavin 5/30/2014 – Golden Valley Golf Club (DJ Zach V)

I really do love the online event planner. It covers all the details that you think about and others you don’t so it’s great to have everything in one place. An AMAZING value!!

Emily & Jeff 5/30/2014 – Saint Catherine University (DJ Justin R)

Always! Everyone I talked to was super friendly and accommodating. Our DJ Justin R was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! He met and went far above our expectations. We were so pleased with the way our dance turned out. He played all of our favorite songs and kept everyone on the dance floor. Almost 75% of our guests stuck around to the end of our dance, which was so neat. He deserves a raise :)
We got the early booking deal that was being promoted when we signed up. That’s a GREAT deal for a DJ, especially with how things turned out.
Thank you so much!!!! We are so glad we picked Instant Request for our DJ service. No regrets!

Katie & David 5/24/2014 – Brackett’s Crossing Country Club (DJ Anthony D)

Very friendly! Everything was on time, we never had to wait for a response and all of our questions were always answered. We especially enjoyed walking into the office and the office staff already knowing who we are before we even said our names :)!!
The event planner was great to have! I not only loved being able to plan out every detail, down to what played when, I loved being able to go through the incredibly large selection of songs! This came in handy and helped a ton!
I honestly could not have asked for a better DJ! We are STILL getting compliments on how much he set the scene with everything from the music to the ambiance. Everything! I mean I loved how the music really did flow from dinner music, to older fun music for the older crowd to dance, to fun club music! I loved how the room looked with the lighting monogram “KHD” on the dance floor. And Anthony was GREAT!

Erin & Claude 5/25/2014 – Minneapolis City Hall Rotunda (DJ Kailen N)

We worked with Instant Request to do our ceremony, reception music and uplighting for the venue. They were super helpful all along the way and the online song-management tool is ADDICTIVE. The up-lighting was a great way to add mood to the venue as the night went on. Our DJ, Kailen, was great at reading the crowd, and kept people dancing all night. Everyone highly recommends this company for a reason.

Emilee & Jeff 5/25/2014 – Mill City Museum (DJ Charlie M)

We had Charlie from Instant Request as our DJ. During both the ceremony and the reception, he was flawless. The dance floor was packed all evening.
The Event Planner was very helpful and gave us confidence that our DJ would be organized and play what we wanted. We liked the distinction between “must plays” and “suggested plays”. Charlie was amazing! By far one of the highlights of our wedding. The dance floor was packed for the majority of the evening. He did an excellent job of playing what we absolutely wanted while mixing in some of our suggestions with his own picks. He even managed to mix in a polka at the request of the groom’s mom that didn’t clear the dance floor. He was very good about being responsive to us throughout the dance, and he played a pretty epic series of songs to wind down the dance. It was great.
We were a bit nervous about the ceremony sound because of those specific instructions, but when he pulled it off smoothly, we knew the rest of the night would be great.
We really liked the Event Planner. We also liked the overall professionalism (website, Event Planner, DJ’s attire, etc), which is part of what drew us to Instant Request in the first place.
Instant Request might be a little more expensive than the others, but it was totally worth it. They were great.

Laura & Tyler 5/25/2014 – James J. Hill Reference Library

Our DJ was excellent, many folks commented on how good the DJing was. We felt that the music played really reflected well the choices we made in the online software. It felt like us. :)

Jenna & Mike 5/25/2014 – TPC Golf Club in Blaine (DJ Zach V)

We were on a very tight budget and were able to get a promotional discount. It was a great value to begin with, but knowing now what a great service we were provided, if we hadn’t gotten the promotion I would still consider it a good value. We loved the amazing DJ, staff, and the online planner.

Katie & Kevin 5/24/2014 – Cadillac Ranch in Maple Lake (DJ Jason F)

Our DJ was very accommodating in setting up a time to talk when it was convenient for us. We could not have asked for a better DJ, he did a fantastic job!
We were able to inform you upfront the type of dance we wanted and you were able to match our needs to one of you many DJ’s. Each wedding is different, and we were able to customize our reception to our needs. No one at Instant Request tried to make us change our minds in regards to the choices we were making. Everyone was very willing to make our day special. Everything was perfect.

Kelsey & Marc 5/24/2014 – Cafe Lurcat (DJ Nate A)

Our DJ, Nate, was AMAZING, and definitely exceeded our expectations. He kept everyone on the dance floor, until 2 am, and I had several comments from guests about what a great job he did! We thought the online event planner was very helpful during our initial meeting with our DJ. The answers from the event planner gave the DJ a better idea of what we were looking for. I thought the questions about specific songs (i.e. the Macarena) was a good idea.
We really liked the professionalism of the DJ. Nate truly loves his job and did such an excellent job reading us and playing music that would fit our taste AND keep people dancing. He was incredible thorough and timely with emails. If I had to do it again I would not hesitate to choose Instant Request as my DJ service.

Katie & Michael 5/24/2014 – Wayzata Country Club (DJ Steve F)

Everyone was very helpful and timely in answering our questions! . It was great being able to customize everything and have it all in one place. It was nice being able to make selections a little bit at a time and take a break and come back to it when we wanted to.
Steve was wonderful and exceeded our expectations. He was so accommodating and let us add in songs that weren’t on the online planner list and helped my dad to customize a surprise father-daughter dance song. At the reception, Steve checked in with us multiple times during the evening to run things by us, which we really liked. It was great to feel like we knew what was going on and that we could make any last minute changes we wanted to. He was so nice and definitely fit our style. He had a great way of making our wide variety of music selections flow nicely throughout the evening.
The level of professionalism, the ability to customize everything, and the customer service were all at a wonderful value.

Tracy & Nick 5/24/2014 – Medina Entertainment Center (DJ Mike M)

We had Mike M. (DJ Milk) for our wedding dance. He was great – kept everyone dancing and played songs from our playlist as directed. . Price/value isn’t beatable!

Jackie & Ryan 5/23/2014 – Brackett’s Crossing Country Club (DJ Matt H)

Yes he did a great job. I thought he was a good fit. I liked how easy it was to use the online event planner.

Katy Huntley & Kevin 5/17/2014 – Midland Hills Golf Club (DJ Ryan L)

We had zero problems getting questions answered or getting a hold of someone. The online event planner was genius. I am very picky when it comes to music and being able to pick out every song I wanted to hear and even songs I didn’t want to hear was very useful. The DJ exceeded our expectations. We were worried that people would not dance but the dance floor was full all night and we still get compliments on the music and DJ. My favorite part was the interaction between us and the DJ. The DJ listened to us to customize what will be played and respected out taste in music. Also, the online feature was wonderful to work with. Best value in town.

Alyssa & Matt 5/17/2014 – Aria at the Jeune Lune (DJ John A)

We liked the, friendly staff, pre-set lists to select music from, wide variety of music, flexibility to choose songs and rely on an expert DJ. He was amazing! We would recommend him to all of our friends.

Lindsey & Jason 5/17/2014 – Edina Country Club (DJ Ryan W)

Absolutely! Instant Request was recommended to us and we were very happy with the level of service we received. Ryan was great and helpful and listened to what we wanted. He was definitely a good fit and all of our friends and family danced well into the night! Very good value for the level of service received.

Mandy & Luke 5/17/2014 – Tanners Brook Golf Club in Forest Lake (DJ Anthony D)

The DJ was absolutely perfect! He was the best. So perfect, outgoing, fun, listened to our requests. Did and awesome job!

Brittany & Brian 5/17/2014 – Town & Country Club (DJ Charles D)

I really liked the online event planner. Very easy to use and the ‘build your own playlist’ is brilliant. Everything turned out better than how I imagined it. I liked that everyone was very easy to work with. I received answers to my questions right away and IR was right there when i had a problem, willing to fix it.

Amey & Sara 5/17/2014 – Atlas Grill (DJ Whitney N)

LOVED our DJ (Whitney), the communication prior to the wedding was easy and she assured us that it would all be taken care of and it was seamless for the ceremony and the dance. She was fun and was the right fit for what we wanted for our wedding. The event planner was awesome, very user friendly and fun to use. The Online planner was very helpful in preparing for our wedding, it actually made us think more in depth about what we would want since there were so many questions. Everyone we had contact with was helpful and professional.

Jen & Jen 5/17/2014 – Bearpath Golf Club (DJ Rick A)

We had Rick as our DJ and he did a FANTASTIC job. He listened to our selection of music choices, and did a great job of playing the songs we chose as well as similar songs to keep our group rocking all night! He kept the dance floor packed, and was very attentive to everything that we needed. He offered great suggestions, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better! We had a pre-wedding meeting with him over the phone so he could gauge our personalities, and approach the wedding in the way that was best for us. We couldn’t have been happier!!

Erika & Joseph 5/17/2014 – Kilkarney Hills Golf Club (DJ Jason Q)

I want to say thank you again for the awesome service, our DJ (Jason) exceeded our expectations immensely.  He did a wonderful job, and we have gotten numerous compliments how our wedding was the most fun wedding they’ve ever been to.  Awesome job Jason!

Jinnie & Chris 3/29/2014 – Grand Event Center in Northfield (DJ Andrew N)

Instant Request was the best value we saw when booking and definitely worth it.

Janene & Tom 3/22/2014 – Semple Mansion (DJ Kjell N)

We received SEVERAL compliments on our DJ. So many people were dancing…from the beginning of the dance, to the end…that we had to move tables to accommodate all the bodies/dance moves.

Karla and Chris 3/7/2014 – Wabasha Street Caves (DJ Justin R)

I just wanted to thank you again for being so awesome last night!! Everyone had a blast and there was always someone on the dance floor!!
We appreciate the attention to detail and concern for the sound during the ceremony. You Rock!!

Pam & Chris 3/1/2014 – Silver Lake Auditorium (DJ John A)

EXTREMELY friendly and accommodating. I called once with a question and was blown away by the kindness and promptness of the service. John was our DJ and was also prompt with emails and phone calls he SURPASSED OUR EXPECTATION. He was a perfect fit for us and went above and beyond his responsibility to make everything memorable and stress free. I can’t speak more highly of John A. He was so easy to work with and took care of us. We didn’t have to worry about anything. He was organized, thoughtful and we had FUN!! I also liked the simplicity of the event planner. THANK YOU for making our day so special!

Ellie & Zhiming 3/1/2014 – James J. Hill Reference Library (DJ Zach V)

The online event planner made it easy to plan the event and then make changes as needed. The DJ confirmed everything so I could adjust at that point as well. We left it up to Zach primarily and he did a good job. He was very professional. For the speeches the sound system was better than I thought it would be, it was easy to hear.

Betsy and Matthew 2/22/2014 – Edinburgh USA Golf Club (DJ Rick A)

Rick Ausland was our DJ for our wedding day and he was absolutely wonderful!!! He added such a calm, friendly & professional demeanor to the night which is exactly what we had hoped for. Everything we wanted to adjust as the night evolved he was extremely accommodating on and did exactly what we asked when we asked. I would recommend Rick & instant request without hesitation to anyone looking for a DJ service for their big day.

Thanks again RICK you were AWESOME and made our wedding day perfect!!

Annie & Levi 2/22/2014 – Landmark Center (DJ Steve F)

We loved our DJ! He did an amazing job. The lighting was perfect. It really set the mood. He made sure that every song we wanted played was played. He would give us a timeline of how much time we had left in the evening and asked what songs we wanted for sure to be played. the DJ was very flexible. We did not plan to have a guarder toss, but spurr of the moment I asked him if he could find a song so we could do it. He didn’t miss a beat. It was awesome!

Kristi & Ted 2/22/2014 – Mendakota Golf Club (DJ Brandon H)

It was fun going through the songs together, and definitely helped us communicate to our DJ what we liked. Brandon was an awesome DJ. Very friendly, and even got in on a flash mob coordinated by the groom’s sister. We loved him for our dance–there were people on the dance floor the whole night!

Erica & Marc 2/15/2014 – Golden Valley Golf Club (DJ Steve F)

Steve was super. He was so great with all my requests, addressed my concerns, and made me feel comfortable that he’d take care of everything – and he did! The flow of the reception was awesome, he read the crowd, and totally delivered. Everyone had so much fun!

Maureen & Thomas 1/25/2014 – St. Paul College Club (DJ Nate A)

DJ Nate is the best DJ in Minneapolis. DJ Nate exceeded our expectations in every way. The sound and lighting was perfect from beginning to end. I could not have imagined a better out come. I will continually recommend Instant Request to everyone I know, Instant Request is the #1 DJ company in MPLS.

Tessa & Adam 12/31/2013 – 601 Graves (DJ Rick A.)

When we had our initial meeting we got about 10 steps out of the office before we turned around and said Yes for instant request! Everyone we dealt with was friendly, accommodating and got back to us immediately, which is great when planning for an event like a wedding! Rick “The Tap Dancer” Ausland was amazing. The only thing that we didn’t care for was that the night had to end!

Mandi & Matt 12/7/2013 – Grand Palms Event Center in Chaska (DJ Joey A)

We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding reception and wish we could do it all over again! We would like to give a big thank you to Joey, for playing some ‘NSYNC! :) We had been to a wedding prior that had used Instant Request and we thought the entertainment was great.  When we began the search for our DJ for our wedding, we had met with a couple other companies, and Instant Request just stuck out so much more to us than the others. We loved everything about your company. The speedy response, the attentive customer service, and the overall end result. Joey was a great DJ, played all the songs we wanted and more, he was accommodating and attentive the whole night. Definitely, definitely going to recommend Instant Request to all our friends/family/co-workers, etc! Thank you, thank you for making our wedding reception the best!

Erin & Dan 11/9/2013 – Semple Mansion (DJ Nate A)

Everyone was wonderful, from start to finish! Nate was amazing! He went above and beyond to make sure it was exactly what we wanted. We had countless compliments of Nate and the music! Nate made the night so easy for us! I was nervous about the timing for everything…grand march, speeches, first dance, etc. He handled everything so we could just sit back and enjoy. He also checked in with us to see how everything was going and if we were enjoying the music. He definitely cares! All the stress was taken off our plate and it was the most wonderful night. We were the last two on the dance floor and didn’t want it to end! Thank you, Nate, for making it such a special night for us!

Erin & Jonah 11/9/2013 – Great Hall (St. Paul) (DJ Travis M)

We want to say that Travis was the BEST…not OK, good enough, or merely acceptably professional. He did a great job. He had a friendly attitude, played a good mix of our list / requests / his adds, and made everything easy for us. Our favorite vendor of the day. Couldn’t recommend him or Instant Request any more strongly. Thank you for your part in making our wedding a wonderful day!

Mara & Joshua 11/2/2013 – Vadnais Heights Commons (DJ Brandon H)

I loved that Instant Request is established and has a good reputation with MN brides. I felt that I could book with Instant Request without having to go back and forth to ensure you guys were trustworthy, good quality, etc. I felt that I could contact the office and expect a knowledgeable and timely response. It was nice to trust you guys and focus my attentions on more demanding tasks.

Laura 10/26/2013 – Edinburgh USA Golf Club (DJ Mark K)

Yes! He seemed like a perfect fit for our style. He was calm and relaxed yet did the job and kept things going. He seemed very professional and didn’t get overly involved or “hyped up”, which we appreciated. It was just the right amount of interaction and it was great to not have to worry about things, he was on top of it all. The event planner was very useful! It even helped in figuring out what all we wanted to have during the reception – grand march, dances, speeches, etc. We liked how you matched us with a DJ based on our responses on the event planner and what we were looking for. Mark seemed to fit perfectly into the overall “feel” we wanted for our day.

Lindsay & Danny 10/26/2013 – Harriet Island Pavilion (DJ Zach V)

Everyone had a blast and kept telling us it was one of the most fun weddings they had been to in a long time. We had a groomsman in the wedding party who owns a DJ company, and even he had great things to say about Zach!

Kristen & Colin 10/26/2013 – Rush Creek Golf Club (DJ Andrew N)

One of the best DJs and music we have seen/heard based on the weddings we have been to!

Sydney & Nick 10/26/2013 – The Grands at Mulligans in Sartell (DJ John A)

John was the GREATEST DJ EVER! He was friendly and accommodating. Many guests commented that not only was he the best DJ they’ve ever heard at a wedding, but also that he seemed like a great guy. We agree!

Jen & Michael 10/25/2013 – Wabasha Street Caves (DJ Brandon H)

Our DJ Brandon was amazing! He fit just perfectly into our event, our reception rocked and he made the right calls to make it always entertaining and not boring. Everything sounded great, if people have an event in the Wabasha Street Caves St. Paul, I’d definitely suggest Instant Request again.

Heather & Heath 10/25/2013 – Aria at the Jeune Lune (DJ Steve F)

The DJ was great and exactly what we wanted. He was friendly, kept the party going and had a easy-going personality that we liked. I liked how helpful they were when we had questions. They were great when it came to our last minute decision to use their equipment for the ceremony in addition to the dance. Yes, the value was good. We received good service for a reasonable price.

Lizzie & Dustin 10/19/2013 – Calhoun Beach Club (DJ Rick A)

Rick. He’s the man and did a great job.

Emilie & Ryan 10/18/2013 – MN History Center (DJ Matt H)

Matt was awesome! He did a really great job – kept the party going, was on-top of his game and was an all around great guy. After the wedding we received many compliments about Matt!!! Every interaction – mostly email, but the calls too – was awesome. Super helpful, incredibly professional!

Steffanie & Benjamin 10/12/2013 – MN History Center (DJ Matt H)

Our DJ exceeded our expectations. He was warm, friendly, professional, and kept our party going all night!

Katie & Nick 10/12/2013 – Brackett’s Crossing Country Club (DJ Jason Z)

Jason Z was amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He fit our style perfectly and did an amazing job.

Catherine & Matt 10/12/2013 – Tartan Park (DJ Jason M)

He was great. Excellent mix. Dance floor was full all night. Friendly, accommodating, music mix. Allowed Uncle Dave to sing two songs.

Brittany & Cody 10/12/2013 – Crowne Plaza Northstar Downtown Mpls (DJ Tom E)

Tom was AWESOME!!! Definitely fit our style. He checked in with me periodically to make sure we were timing everything correctly. He was super patient with me as I was trying to make decisions and remember everything. After researching other local DJ companies, Instant Request is an excellent value and, even though I had expectations, they were still exceeded.

Nicole & Brandon 10/11/2013 – Chateau St. Croix Winery and Vineyard (DJ Matt H)

Organized and personalized service.

Emily & Robbie 10/6/2013 – Calhoun Beach Club (DJ Nate A)

Nate was great! He was very friendly and helpful when we had concerns or questions about what to play. He read the room well and knew what to play when.

Andrea & Jim 10/5/2013 – Minikahda Club (DJ Rick A)

I was in a wedding last year that had a DJ for both the ceremony and reception. He came late to the ceremony and didn’t have all the music my friend had requested for the ceremony! I never had to worry that something like that would happen. Rick was well-prepared and early :)

Christina & Ryan 10/5/2013 – Lost Spur Golf Course in Eagan (DJ Zach V)

I had a wonderful experience with instant request, I liked how accommodating the DJ was. He listened to everything I wanted and everything turned out perfect.

Jonna & Bryan 10/4/2013 – Mill City Museum (DJ Justin R)

The online event planner was extremely useful and helpful. Justin was absolutely perfect! He was attentive to our requests and brought a lot of energy to our wedding. He couldn’t have done a better job with our sports style introductions; we’ve received so many compliments!

Jamie & TJ 10/4/2013 – Carlson Rotunda (DJ  Anthony D)

Anthony D. was our DJ, and he was wonderful!  He kept me on the dance floor all night which is exactly how I hoped it would be.  Multiple guests also told me that they loved Anthony.He played great music all night which was incredibly important to me.  It was perfect!  I also loved the online event planner.  So helpful! The DJ and all Instant Request services were amazing!!!

Danielle & Sam 9/28/2013 – 514 Studios (DJ Kailen N)

Kailen was fantastic. Perfect fit for our style.

Katelyn & Christopher 9/28/2013 – Mendakota Golf Club (DJ Laura K)

The event planner was probably my favorite part of wedding planning. She was absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. She had great energy and was so professional. I LOVED her. I loved being able to tailor the event planner to match my style and I loved that I knew the style would be played the night of my wedding. Music is really important to me so it really made my night to hear songs that I loved playing during my reception and dinner.

Kelsey & Eric 9/28/2013 – 601 Graves (DJ Jason Z)

Jason Z met our expectations and beyond! He was a great fit for our style.  We literally had to push our guests out the door at 12:30am. The dance floor was not bare once throughout the night…we couldn’t have asked Jason to anything better!

Mackensie & Drew 9/28/2013 (DJ John A.)

I liked how accommodating they were when we had to change our DJ a few weeks before the wedding. I also liked how John worked so hard to ensure we were having a good time. He also was dressed very professional and acted in that manner the whole time all the while seeming like he was having a blast with us! We had people of the dance floor all night long, which is exactly what we wanted!I would 100% recommend them and already have!

Dana & PJ 9/28/2013 – Private Residence (DJ Tom E)

I LOVED having Tom as our DJ.  He was absolutely fabulous. (You should give him a raise!) Everyone was on the dance floor. In fact, my guests kept commenting how awesome Tom was. We are so grateful for him. He was on top of everything, he was in constant communication with us, and everyone danced!

Meg & Jeremy 9/21/2013 – Aria at the Jeune Lune (DJ Tim O)

The office staff was great. The first impression I received was friendly and made me feel like I had that person’s full attention – and one of the reasons we went with Instant Request. The online event planner was GREAT it was very helpful and also allowed us to really plan out our night.
Thanks again for all your attention to detail and planning!!! We really appreciated it – you guys made us feel like we weren’t just “another client”.

Heidi & Patrick 9/21/2013 – Eagan Community Center (DJ Travis B)

Travis was a great DJ. He was extremely professional, and did a fantastic job. We could not have asked for better. He showed up early, to set everything up and coordinate with us. He was not intrusive but took care of what needed to be done. His music selection and DJing skills were second to none. Fantastic!

Jennifer & David 9/21/2013 – Grand Banquet Hall in Stillwater (DJ Rick A)

He was great. We trusted him to play to the crowd and use his professional expertise. He was dead on all night.

Jill & Nick 9/21/2013 – Bearpath Golf Club (DJ Justin R)

I really liked how personal everything was…it was so great to be able to have the call with Justin before the wedding to go through the online event planner and details so I was confident everything was set up the way I wanted it and then didn’t have to worry about it the day of the wedding. The online event planner was very useful, it reminded me of things I never would have thought of.

Serin & Steven 9/20/2013 – Carlson Rotunda (DJ Steve F)

DJ Steve was AWESOME!! He did everything I wanted and had the dance floor going the whole time. I would recommend both him and Instant Request to others.

Raquel & Dan 9/20/2013 – Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester (DJ Zack V)

Very prompt customer service, the online event planner made things really simple, and it was priced right.

Alaina & John 9/14/2013 – Calhoun Beach Club (DJ Rick A)

Rick did a fantastic job! He played our favorite bands but also new what songs to play to get the crowd (of all ages) on the dance floor!

Nicole & Tim 9/14/2013 – Hudson Golf Club (DJ Mike F)

The lighting especially made the mood and decorating extra special.

Ashley & Jafai 9/14/2013 – Solera Event Center in Mpls. (DJ Anthony D)

Anthony was great. We chose Instant Request due to good reviews online and the service stoop up to our expectations from the reviews.

Jenna & Noah 9/13/2013 – Crow River Winery in Hutchinson (DJ Matt H)

Our DJ was great. He played off our list and took a few requests. He was very respectful, timely, and fun to work with.

Molly & Kyle 9/7/2013 – Stonebrooke Golf Club (DJ Zach V)

Zach! So friendly, accommodating and easy to work with!

Sasha & Ken 9/7/2013 – Mississippi Dunes Golf Club (DJ Rick A)

I loved the opportunity to set up our DJ song playlist online through instant request, we had a lot of input on our dance songs, ceremony songs etc. You get matched with a DJ according to song selections, personality etc. We were paired with Rick, he was great, would recommend them, price was very reasonable as well.

Tiffany & Kevin 9/7/2013 – O’Gara’s at the State Fairgrounds (DJ Anthony D)

Anthony was AWESOME.  Perfect fit for us and he rocked it all night. Very professional.  Great people.  Anthony is a gem.

Brittany & Bobby 9/7/2013 – Regan Hall (DJ Alex K)

It was perfect, the DJ was outstanding!

Katie & Eric 9/7/2013 – Henderson Event Center (DJ Tom E)

We absolutely loved our DJ he was awesome, he kept the crowd going and he kept playing music and played everything that we loved.  It was perfect!!

Kaity & Antonio 9/6/2013 – Emerson Pavilion (DJ Justin R)

I am thrilled to give you guys nothing but stellar marks for your work on our wedding 9/6/13!! It really put my mind at ease that if I ever had a question Matt and Justin were very prompt in their emails with answers. Probably my top favorite thing about working with Instant request! Yes, very much so! Justin was great in being flexible to the needs for our event and he kept our crowd dancing until it was closing time. :) The accessibility and friendliness of your staff was just “out of the ballpark” great! Absolutely!! 100%.

Molly & Cameron 9/1/2013 – Calhoun Beach Club (DJ Nate A)

80 songs was a lot.  We struggled with that.  We expected the DJ to be the expert on what to play and now and NATE did that.  Our dance floor was packed all night! Nate was amazing!  He did a great job and people are still talking about our dance.  We had actually planned on more people going home before the end so the only issue he created was that too many people were left!  Which is not a problem at all!

Katie & Brendon 9/1/2013 – Bunker Hills Golf Club, Harvest Grill (DJ Ryan L)

Instant Request is a rare find in the wedding industry as its value is exceeded by its cost.  We couldn’t have been happier with their service. We only asked that he get people to dance and he sure did. He had the dance floor packed from the first song until the last!!!

Stephanie & Tony 9/1/2013 – Riley-Jacques barn (DJ Justin R)

This software tool was amazing.  It allowed us to plan out our night and gave us the assurance that we would have a good flow. Justin did an excellent job!  I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a great event.  He went above and beyond in every way and took tons of stress off of us.  He made sure the event went smoothly and that everyone had a good time.  He was a very good fit for our style. I really appreciated the fact that going into the big day I already felt comfortable with how things were going to happen.  I had peace of mind throughout the night knowing that with Justin we were in good hands.

Beth & Brandon 9/1/2013 – St. James Hotel in Red Wing (DJ Charlie T)

The DJ was very nice and did a great job playing our requests and taking our requests. I’d say he was a good fit to our style. The office staff was great! They were very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Lindsey & Scott 8/31/2013 – Four Seasons Dance Studio in Minneapolis (DJ Sam E)

Sam Eaton totally killed it at our wedding. We highly recommend him to DJ at anyone’s wedding, including our friends’, hands down. He had the right level of enthusiasm, drive and leadership to really keep people moving. For weeks after our wedding, everyone has commented on how much fun the dancing was. Sam knew when to be reserved, and when to be frontal. He was a joy to work with and a pleasure to have as our wedding DJ.

The lighting was incredibly well done and made our venue feel like a legit dance club! It had just the right vibe and presentation. We would’ve had it no other way. You guys are the best and really made it a no-sweat day for us. I don’t know anyone else that could do it as well as you guys can. We’ll definitely be recommending your services to our friends and family members who are next up to the altar!

I’ve DJed professionally in the past and know how the business works. You guys really provide everything we needed, and it didn’t bust our budget. Anyone that argues needs to realize that quality counts, and every dollar spent is worth it! There’s so many reasons why you’re the best in the Twin Cities!!

Katherine & Brett 8/31/2013 – St. James Hotel in Red Wing (DJ Andrew N)

I knew I could rely on Instant Request because of your outstanding reputation. I also liked the online event planner, it made it very easy to find and select the music we wanted. (The DJ) was a perfect fit for our style. He provided exactly what we asked for in advance but was flexible when we asked for something else during the dance. He exceeded our expectations!

Lisa & Andy 8/31/2013 – Holiday Inn and Suites in Lakeville (DJ Ryan L)

We had Ryan L, and he was fantastic!  Ryan was exactly the style and personality we were hoping for!  We could not have asked for a better DJ. We received many compliments on his song selection. A couple of times people started to leave the dance floor and Ryan changed the song immediately, and those same people turned around to come back and dance!  That is impressive.  Ryan was handled all of our requests perfectly, from the grand march, to the first dance, all the way to the end, he was a perfect DJ for us!  Absolutely no complaints, we would highly recommend him – and Instant Request to anyone!!

Jennifer & Kevin 8/31/2013 – Golden Valley Golf Club (DJ Andy M)

The online event planner was very helpful; it definitely made us think of everything. I know we would have missed things otherwise. (The DJ) exceeded our expectations. He was exactly the right level of interaction with us and the crowd, he fit our style perfectly.

Leslie & Erik 8/30/2013 – Riley-Jacques Barn (DJ Alex K)

Alex did a fantastic job!  He fit in perfectly and honored completely what Leslie and Erik wanted for their wedding. The sound was just right for each portion of the evening, from happy hour to the ceremony, during dinner, then dancing!

Sara & Allen 8/24/2013 – Christos Union Depot Place (DJ Travis M)

Oh my goodness Travis was amazing! He was so great to work with. Totally fit our style and the level of energy we wanted (which was a lot!). We appreciated when one of our family members asked for a polka before the dance floor was open, he approached us quietly and asked for permission to accommodate this guest’s request. AWESOME! Plus he killed our grand entrance! Allen and I had goose bumps the whole time. :) Travis showed up dressed to the nines and he fit in perfect as though he planned it! The one thing we requested of our DJ was to keep the dance floor packed…and Travis delivered! We’ve had so many compliments on the music and energy and we’ve already given out your company and Travis’ name out to many people! We couldn’t say enough good things about you guys!

Caroline & Roth 8/24/2013 – Gale Mansion (DJ Randy G)

Randy was fantastic! Gauged the dance floor and changed songs appropriately – even played some great songs outside of the custom list which were a hit. He delivered on all our tasks, and was very accommodating during our initial call – had very thoughtful suggestions.

Mindy & Thomas 8/24/2013 – Villa Bellezza in Pepin, WI (DJ Brandon H)

It was everything we hoped for!

Christen & Ryan 8/23/2013 – Christos Union Depot (DJ Zach V)

Thank you so much! Zachary Vinge did a phenomenal job at our wedding! We couldn’t be happier with the lighting and the music at our reception!!!

Adrienne & Eric 8/17/2013 – Crowne Plaza Northstar Minneapolis (DJ Chris B)

Instant request was amazing! They give you so many options, that you can review online so you have plenty of time to decide and think it over. During the wedding our DJ was very chill, which was exactly what we wanted. He did a great job of mixing in typical wedding songs, our preselected songs, and requests from our guests. Highly recommended.

Rebecca & Todd 8/17/2013 – St. Paul Hotel (DJ Sean B)

The DJ was great and did a good job. I asked to switch from country back to rock and he did it immediately after the song was finished. I enjoyed the country for a bit, but the dance floor was requesting the change so they could get crazy again.

Jennifer & David 8/17/2013 – Afton Alps Chalet (DJ Jason Z)

Everything was great!

Kristina & Kraig 8/17/2013 – Lafayette Club (DJ Nate A)

Thanks!  Nate-Dog was the best!!

Kim & Ryan 8/17/2013 – Bearpath Golf club (DJ Justin R)

Justin did an AWESOME job.  We had so many people comment on how fun he was.  His interaction with the crowd was very energetic and positive, without being over the top.  The music mix he played was perfect.  Our dance floor was packed the whole night. He made it such a fun, enjoyable, and memorable night for us. We were very impressed and happy with our DJ and how he ran the entire night. He was so organized and flexible. We liked how he came and introduced himself to the bridal party, got us all prepared and knowing what we were doing for the grand entrance.  Also, when we forgot to bring pieces of paper with all the couples names for the ‘clanking of glasses’ part, he was very easy going and just said we could have the mic and call out people.

Julie & Kyle 8/17/2013 – Aria at the Jeune Lune (DJ Charlie T)

I loved how accommodating you all are, you do an exceptional job with customer service and going above & beyond. Charlie was awesome, he made our dance floor so much fun!

Emily & Zach 8/17/2013 – Kozlak’s Royal Oak Restaurant (DJ Laura K)

I loved how nice and accommodating everyone was. Unlike some other companies, I really felt that everyone I talked to wanted to help us get exactly what we wanted for our day, which was very refreshing.

Laura & Ben 8/17/2013 – U of M Arboretum in Chaska (DJ Anthony D)

The staff was very friendly and efficient on returning calls and emails. Our DJ, Anthony, even met with us at the location near our house and was very gracious to us when we met up a bit later than intended because we were on opposite sides of the café. He was very professional, personable, and considerate. The (online event planner) was great! It was very helpful in deciding what songs/music style to use during different parts of the event. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to come up with a million songs myself!

Anthony Dubose rocks! He is the best DJ ever! If I ever have another event that should need a DJ we are requesting him again.

We met Anthony at the Arboretum wedding fair and before him, we weren’t even considering a DJ.He was so personable and showed us how great our wedding could be that we knew we had to request him personally. The (sound and lighting system) was beautiful and fun. My friends and family had a blast dancing on the dance floor- and they aren’t even dancing types! The dance portion of the evening was the best.

Christina & Brent 8/16/2013 – Bearpath Golf Club (DJ Justin R)

The staff was friendly, especially our DJ Justin. He was very good and he got the crowd into the dancing.  His experience worked out very well to determine which type of song to pick next in order to get a lot of crowd participation.

Erin & Mitch 8/16/2013 – Brackett’s Crossing Country Club (DJ Andrew N)

Pleased with everything! Couldn’t have asked for more!

Cassandra & Andy 8/10/2013 – Minneapolis Club, 729 2nd Ave S (DJ Sean B)

It was easy to use the planner and our DJ was very friendly and great at playing music that the crowd wanted to hear.

Kristen & Kyle 8/10/2013 – Elm Creek Chalet (DJ Jason M)

We will never forget the amazing job you did!!! The online event planner software made planning the music for the night extremely easy, and fun!! Our DJ did an amazing job. We could not have imagined a better DJ. Easy to plan all the services for the day, this made it so there was no confusion on the big day!! Instant Request made everything from booking to playing music for our wedding a breeze. It was nice to pick what songs we want and what songs or type of music we do not want at our wedding. We cannot thank Instant Request and our DJ Jason enough.

Stephanie & Jereme 8/10/2013 – Marquette Place Apartments (DJ Nate A)

The pricing was a good value, especially since we had DJ Nate.  He was absolutely awesome to work with and helped make our wedding such a memorable event.  Also, it was nice that the price included the “full night” so that we did not have to stress about the exact ending time. DJ Nate exceeded our expectations.  He followed the planner but also made adjustments as needed.  He never “took over” but made sure that everything he did aligned with what we wanted.  He was a perfect fit for our style – casual and kept the dance floor crowded.

Cathleen & Mike 8/10/2013 – Depot Minneapolis (DJ Justin R)

Mike and I were so happy with Instant Request for our wedding. Thank you so much! Justin did such a great job for us on our wedding. Here are the questions you sent me that I answered. Have a good day! YES!!! Justin and his partner that helped out did such a fabulous job on our wedding day!! He was such a great fit also for our wedding. They both were very professional too!  Yes! We loved every bit of it. We especially loved how you could get our last name on the dance floor. Everyone we talked to was very friendly and professional. We were very happy!!!  Absolutely Yes! We were both so happy with Instant Request. They did such an amazing job on our wedding. Everyone we talked too, thought the music was great. We had so much fun!! Thank you!

Amanda & Jake 8/10/2013 – Gillespie Center (DJ Chad V)

I would sincerely like to thank your company and especially Chad. He kept following up with me throughout the night and whatever anybody asked for a request or anything he would play, he was the best! Thank you so much I am very happy that we decided to go with Instant Request as our DJ service.

Melanie & Eli 8/3/2013 – Marriott Hotel in Rochester (DJ Justin R)

The DJ was fantastic!!

Katy & Beau 6/29/2013 – Silverwood Visitor Center (DJ Kailen N)

Kailen Nelson did a fabulous job.  Our schedule was thrown off and he made accommodations as necessary.  The dance floor was packed all night!  We had so much fun! We were able to have a lot of input.  We wanted a night that reflected us- our eclectic mix of music- and very limited DJ interaction.  Kailen did a great job setting us up for a great night.  He mixed our playlist well, helped coordinate getting our speakers the microphone, and did a nice job reading the crowd and speaking only when necessary. We would definitely recommend Instant Request to others!

Jen & Joe 6/22/2013 – Maple Leaf Event Center Chanhassen (DJ John A.)

I liked that the price included unlimited hours of coverage. Most of the DJ services were based on a limited number of hours. I was able to enter all my info and requests which helped the DJ know what I was looking for prior to us meeting. John was great and did a fabulous job, He was outgoing and friendly which was what I was looking for.

Lindsay & Steve 6/7/2013 Little Log House Village Hall (DJ Chris B)

I had instant request as the DJ service for my wedding. The price was very affordable. I liked the option to pick and choose specific songs through their online software. Our DJ was very responsive to my requests on the type of music played, he was very patient and was great at keeping me updated on the time and what was happening next.

Molly & Dan 6/8/2013 – Christos Union Depot (DJ Kailen N)

It was worth every penny. I would recommend Kailen for any wedding. He was an amazing DJ and we were extremely impressed. When he initially was laid back that had us a little worried, but he delivered way beyond our expectations and we had people on the dance floor the entire night. I have never been to a wedding where that was the case and he was a big reason that happened. The comments from our guests during and afterward reinforced our feelings about how fun it was and how great he did.

Maria & Jacob 8/10/2012

I thought that I had everything organized for the wedding but since I am a little technology challenged I was not quite sure what to prepare for the DJ. Justin, our DJ, came prepared and knew exactly what the musicians needed and took away all of the stress. The wedding was also running off schedule and because of that the DJ had to change up the night – he was able to go with the flow easily and still fulfill all of the elements of the dance we asked for. Justin was fantastic and Instant Request was very professional!

Laura & Neil 6/9/2012

Instant Request did an excellent job at our wedding. Justin was able to keep the dance floor packed all night. We received so many compliments, and everyone had a blast. Thank you!

Kim & Matt 7/14/2012

Instant Request and our DJ Kailen did a fabulous job at our wedding. We wanted little interaction with our DJ and we did. He was able to keep the vibe we wanted all night and accommodate music based on the guests reaction. All our guests had a blast on the dance floor all night long! They even helped us our with our ceremony sound just 2 weeks before the wedding!

Dana & Pete 7/21/2012

We had Travis Monroe as our DJ. He did a wonderful job! We were very happy with our music experience. He had people dancing the entire night! We highly recommend Instant Request. They made it very easy to pick our songs and worked with us for what we wanted. The online planner is very helpful and worked out well.

Sarah & 4/28/2012

No problems with the service we received prior to or day of from Instant Request. My only complaint was that they made it difficult for me to leave the dance floor!!

Katie & Dustin 7/21/2012

We couldn’t be more happy with our decision to hire Instant Request as our DJ for our wedding reception. The online event planner is so convenient and all their staff could not have more polite. Our DJ, Eric was awesome! He played great music that made all our guests dance. I would recommend him and Instant Request again and again.

Carol & Ramy 7/7/2012

We work abroad, so we had to plan many aspects of our reception online. Their online planner was incredibly helpful. Once we finished that, they assigned us a really great DJ, Rick Ausland. He liked many of the same songs we did, and was very accommodating with our guest requests. I have to say that the fact that they do not ask for tips was awesome. I find it SO tacky when vendors show up with a “tip hat”… yuck! But we didn’t have to worry about that, as we were able to tip our DJ privately after the party.

Stephanie & Seth 7/6/2012

Instant Request was not only great to work with, they gave us an excellent DJ that made our reception SO much fun! Our DJ was super helpful and willing to sit down with us and talk things through. We also used them for lighting and it made the venue so much more lively and beautiful to have all that extra color! We were so happy with the service!

Sari & Ryan 7/13/2012

Instant Request is amazing! I have seen them at many other weddings and immediately knew I wanted them at my own. Tom, my DJ, was great at reading the crowd and feeling out what they liked best. He was great with my 4 year old girl too! He got on the dance floor and danced with us, sang along, and had lots of creative ideas! I would never pick anyone else! Very reasonable prices too!

Libby & Chris 5/18/2012

We used Instant Request and had Anthony D as our DJ, He was AMAZING! He played just what our guests wanted to hear and kept them on the dance floor! We got more than our moneys worth. Since our wedding, our guests haven’t stopped talking about Anthony and how great of a job he did!

Lindsey & Steven 6/1/2012

Holy Cow! Instant Request matches you with a DJ that they think would work well with your reception and style. I don’t think they could have matched us with a better DJ. He was about our age and new what all the “new, trendy and popular” stuff was while still staying close to our playlist. The DJ helped guests interact and get their dancing shoes a blazin’ on the dance floor with out being obnoxious.

Emily & Chad 4/14/2012

We interviewed several DJ services prior to picking Instant Request. After our first meeting we knew this was the company that would provide the most professional service. Their non-aggressive yet confident approach to selling the business was a welcome surprise compared to the competition. Their prices were fair and we added the lighting package. The online service was a breeze. We talked to our DJ about 2 weeks prior to our wedding day and walked through the details. The entire night kept us on track. When the dance floor was starting to slow down, he changed the music and got everyone back on the floor. It was an excellent experience and the up lighting added a a beautiful ambiance. We would definitely recommend instant request.