After months of planning, making reservations, and stress, the wedding day is on the horizon and the party of your lifetime will be here soon. To make sure that the wedding reception is fun for everyone and an epic night of memories, there is one last box to check. There are things you should tell your wedding DJ so they know how to keep the night moving and you happy. These are small things but still important.

Pronunciation of Names

Let us know exactly how you’d like to be addressed as a couple. Our online event planner software will give you the option to phonetically spell out any tricky names for the grand march.

DJ Attire

Black tie is our normal attire, but if you’d prefer the DJ to wear something more casual like a suit and tie, let us know.

Control Over the Music

How much control over the music would you like? Some couples wish to have complete control over which songs are played, but the timing of those are better left to the DJ to arrange as the flow of wedding dances varies.

Do-Not-Play List

It’s your wedding, so be sure to make a list of songs or artists that you absolutely hate. The DJ is responsible for accommodating requests from your guests, and a skilled DJ will be able to accommodate requests by finding a different song that isn’t on your do-not-play list.

What Kind of Person are You?

Tell them if you wish to be the center of attention. That may sound crazy on your wedding day if you are the bride, but when it comes to crowd participation, it will help the DJ choose which approach to take. If the opposite is true, don’t be afraid to let them know if you are typically a wallflower. The DJ can ease into music that will allow everyone an opportunity to get on the dance floor. Sometimes, slow dances work to get couples on the dance floor while at other times perhaps crowd participation is the key.

Are We Taking Requests?

This might be the most important thing you should tell your wedding DJ. Let us know if you want to allow guests to make song requests, or just stick to your play list. It is not uncommon for clients to not allow the DJ to take requests.

Family Traditions

We want to make sure all family traditions are honored, and nothing is left out. Let us know if there are any special group dances or songs that your family dances to at every occasion.

Strobe Lights

Our lighting is tasteful but also can change colors to the beat of the music and strobe. We provide colored wash lighting for the dance floor, but let us know if any of your guests suffer from seizures brought on by strobe lighting. Wedding DJs want to make sure everyone has a good time with no ambulance rides.

Emcee Preferences

Let the DJ know if your style is conservative or if you prefer that the DJ emceeing is more casual on the microphone. We want the DJ to sound like they’ve known you for years and for their announcements to fit the style you envision.