There is a lot more to DJing weddings than keeping the dance floor full. As a wedding DJ in the Twin Cities, it’s typical to be on-site for long before guests arrive. There is a lot of preparation that goes into making sure all of the emceeing is executed to perfection. The Grand March, a personal favorite, is when the DJ lines up the wedding party and announces them into the venue to be seated at the head table.

I’ve seen many iterations of the grand march in my decades as wedding DJ. Some couples choose to have just the two of them introduced but more often it’s the entire wedding party. With the grand march, there is much to keep in mind. A good wedding DJ scopes out the venue to figure out the best point of entry. In this process, I consider the vantage point of the guests, architecture of the building, and the layout of the tables. And things get interesting with names that are challenging to pronounce. This is part of why I go over the names during our client consultation, which typically takes place around three weeks before the date of the event. Then, I jot down tricky names phonetically (pho-net-ick-ly).

When the times comes, I make sure to greet the (usually very excited) wedding party to confirm the names and order of entry directly before go time. It’s a common occurrence for groomsmen and bridesmaids to say how impressed they are that I nailed their name. “I’ve been coached,” I sometimes say back. Other times I just let them believe I’m some sort of name savant.

The Instant Request Online Even Planner has a feature in which clients can browse among the most popular grand march songs. Here’s a look at a couple of my favorites:

Battle Without Honor or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotei

You might take a look at the title of this track and think to yourself, “wait, what?” Yes, it’s an interesting title indeed. Believe it or not, I’m willing to bet you’d recognize this song if you were to hear it. Gaining exposure from its use in the film, “Kill Bill,” this one grabs attention and hits hard. It’s as perfect for marching into battle as it is marching into a ballroom.

Pick Up The Pieces by Average White Band

This here is another track you probably recognize. This one was used prominently in a film as well — “Swingers.” Undeniably struttable, this is a jazzy, feel good classic that just goes with wearing a suit and tie or dress. Rat Pack vibes with this one.

Whatever You Want

The options are endless. Feel free to choose a song with special meaning to you, or the hottest, newest jam. I’ve even facilitated fanboy/fangirl selections such as the theme song to Rick and Morty!

Professional Wedding DJ Trade Secrets: 

1. I always ask whether or not the maid of honor is indeed a maid of honor, or if she’s a matron of honor. (Matron = married.) That way, I can be accurate when including those titles as part of their introduction.

2. Have the crowd get up on their feet for a standing ovation come the bride and groom. This makes them feel special, which they are! 

Ta Da! . Another perfectly executed grand march. Adrenaline. Smiles. Camera flashes. And soon, dinner is served.