Black Tie Certified DJ Staff

DJ Kailen N

DJ Kailen N

Kailen grew up in Southern Minnesota with a passion for performing; whether DJing, singing, break dancing, or beatboxing. DJing has kept Kailen busy on the weekends for over a decade, and he admittedly enjoys the wide variety of people and music he works with at every unique wedding reception.

When he’s not DJing, you can find him snowboarding, rock climbing, or swimming. At a wedding reception, Kailen takes a very tasteful approach to crowd interaction and can get all ages to feel comfortable letting loose.

Kailen was a rockstar! We had multiple people tell us after the wedding how awesome the DJ was and how the jams just never stopped coming. “I kept trying to take a break and grab a drink, but every song was so good, it was hard to find the time!” was our most common review. From song #1 until we tried to call it a night, the dancefloor was full. We had a solid group still wanting to dance at last call. I’ve been to weddings where the DJ wasn’t quite reading the room and it’s tough to see an empty floor. This was not at all the case for us; not even one dud played! I absolutely recommend IR DJ, especially Kailen!                                                           – Christine and Chad 10/7/17


We had Kailen as our DJ the night of our wedding and he was FANTASTIC! I couldn’t have been happier. He was super easy going leading up to our wedding, including being totally understanding when I emailed him week of asking to change our first dance song. He checked in with my husband and I throughout the night to make sure everything was good and that we were covering what we wanted. Checked on volume for dinner to make sure we were happy with that. And when I couldn’t decide on what to play for the final song, I had him choose and he knocked it out of the park. I cried, not sure he knows that. He was awesome and I would recommend both Instant Request and Kailen to anyone who needs a DJ.                                                                                                                              – Cathryn and Terry 9/22/17


Thank you so much for DJing on our big day! You got the crowd going and had everyone out on the dance floor having a good time! Thank you for taking videos and photos throughout the night as well!                                                                                                      – Deanna and Seth 8/12/17


Our DJ, Kailen, was absolutely amazing. We met with him before the wedding (part of the black tie package) and he was very friendly, professional, and picked up on what we wanted immediately. There was also a tricky family situation that he handled graciously at our meeting and perfectly on the day of our wedding. All of our guests commented on what a good DJ he was- ours was the only wedding they had been to where the dance floor was full all night long and it spoke to Kailen’s talent and ability to read the crowd. We had a long NYE wedding and danced past midnight – and at the end of the night we had a few guests breakdance and Kailen joined in for a few seconds (total surprise that was AMAZING and so much fun- it was right for our crowd but he’s so good at reading crowds that I’m sure it was a crowd specific move. We and our guests loved it). We felt that instant request was affordable and easy to use with their online planner and Kailen made our NYE party perfect. – Brie and Alex 12/31/16


Our DJ exceeded my expectations. Kailen was fantastic, both beforehand during our phone consultation, and especially during the wedding reception. The day of, when everyone was running around changing things last minute, he remained incredibly flexible and patient. He was quick to provide suggestions to keep the pace of the evening appropriate, while also reminding us that it was our party and we could essentially do whatever we wanted. I would highly recommend Kailen to anyone looking for a low-key wedding or a dance marathon reception. – Kate and Matt 7/1/16


Kailen was awesome, did a amazing job, and I would recommend him to friends as well I was amazed at how great the DJ was, he kept people on the dance floor and the song changes were seamless.  Couldn’t have asked for more – Amy and Brett 11/14/15


Kailen did a great job of getting people to dance and played songs in a great order. People commented on how they thought it was great that he played more family-friendly songs right away and more current music later on. The lights were beautiful and the sound was excellent. Kailen was very easy to work with and provided great customer service all the way through the process. – Katelyn and Daniel 10/23/15


Merry Christmas from the new Mr. and Mrs. Schulz! We cannot thank you enough for your incredible job DJing at our wedding.  The dance floor was always full and everyon had an incredible time.  Thank you for sharing in our joy as we celebrated the new chapter in our lives. Warm Wishes,                                                                                                                                                                    – Lauren and Matthew 10/17/15