Instant Request DJ Staff

DJ Josh P

Born and raised in MN, Josh inherited his music knowledge from his father and his extensive music collection. From a young age Josh learned to play the guitar. As he grew so did his interest in new styles of music. Josh has created an impressive personal music collection and is often the person you reach out to when you can not remember the name of a song.

When Josh is not listening to music or DJing he can be found biking, reading, or traveling. Josh has even become fluent in Spanish from traveling over the years.

I have recommended Instant Request to everyone I know that is getting married! Not only did I love the online planner, i loved that our DJ kept things going on schedule without being pushy! He also dismissed tables for us for dinner so we didn’t have to, and played a huge variety of fun music!!                                                                          – Shelby and Derek @ Residence


WOW, we cannot believe how great our DJ was! I went with Instant Request because my sister had used them for her wedding and had a great experience. We loved having the online event planner, where we could make our personal playlist and give information to the DJ about what songs not to play, whether we were doing a bouquet toss, how much DJ involvement we wanted, etc. It was great that we were able to customize the songs we want played and to give the DJ an idea of the vibe we were going for. Josh was our DJ and he was simply incredible. Our dance floor was packed all night and we had so many guests comment that this was the most fun they had had at a wedding. I would recommend Instant Request to everyone! – Cody and Nick @ Minneapolis Golf Club

The online event planner was extremely useful. We preferred to complete it on our own time, rather than taking time off of work to meet with a DJ. We would not change anything. Josh Perkins was an amazing DJ. He was professional, adaptable and definitely loves what he does. He followed our guide exactly and fit our style perfectly. Instant Request does a great job at putting engaged couples at ease. The planning process was fun with the guide and did not induce stress. We were very happy with the discount that was offered fall 2015. It was what made us decide Instant Request when comparing it to Bayview Event Center’s preferred DJ company. A competitive price was very important to us.

                                                                                                    – Jennifer and Sean @ BayView Event Center


Thank you for such a great experience. Our DJ was amazing and friendly. He entertained our crowd and we all had a blast. Thank you for being a part of our big day! – Tiffany and Louis @ Airlake Airport in Lakeville