DJ Profiles

Aasiyyah Abdul-Hakeem

Name: Aasiyyah Abdul-Hakeem

Originally from Saint Paul, MN, Aasiyyah is the 2nd youngest of 7 children.  She was the kind of kid that would dance any time the music came on, and had plenty of opportunities to enrich her musical talents attending a year-round elementary school up until the 6th grade.  Aasiyyah is currently in school full-time, studying music production and audio engineering.  She considers herself an independent artist, and is working on a few singles.  Aasiyyah loves attending festivals and is drawn to them due to the wide variety of musical styles and performances.  As far as weddings go, Aasiyyah remembers attending a wedding where the event ended and the crowd continued to cheer for an encore – and she tries to bring that energy to every event she DJs.  Aside from music, Aasiyyah loves to read, travel and experience new things.