DJ Profiles

Ben Mezzenga

Name: Ben Mezzenga

Ben is from Shoreview, MN and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where he played baseball.  He’s been into music for years, and started a band with his brothers as a child.   Ben’s love of music comes from the energy it brings to concerts and performing, and he loves to bring that energy to the dance floor.  Ben remembers the first time he nailed a mix of several songs at a wedding, and watched the dance floor erupt – he tries to bring that same energy to every wedding he performs at.  When he’s not DJing, Ben loves to create YouTube videos, and his other jobs include modeling and acting.  Subscribe to his YouTube channel for some funny and lighthearted content, and maybe a few life hacks!  His favorite non music art form is dance – unless you count sports as a form of art –  and Ben stays true to his hometown teams when it comes to sports, as a fan of the Vikings, Wild, and Twins.