DJ Bryan B

Bryan grew up in Eagan MN. From a young age Bryan was a promising hockey player. He traveled all over the country making a living and playing in different places. He was always known as the music guy on his teams. During road trips in junior hockey, he would DJ for his teammates on the bus and would also rap for entertainment. This probably was why he was voted class clown in HS. Following his hockey career Bryan decided to go into education and is now a Middle School teacher. Bryan loves all types of music and actively goes to concerts of all genres. He picked up DJing as a hobby years ago and slowly turned it into a side gig serving weddings.  When not DJing Bryan loves playing sports, going to the movies, and jumping in lakes.

We are SO impressed with the service we received from Bryan at Instant Request! From the first time we talked on the phone, to extra text messages before our wedding day and everything in between, he was always so flexible and wanted to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. We added a few fun touches to our reception and Bryan was more than willing to learn about them and make sure they were added. The dance floor was completely full the whole entire night! Thank you SO much Bryan and Instant Request!! We cannot recommend you enough!