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Custom Wedding DJ Booths

We know that you’ve spent so much time and energy designing your wedding reception so why not polish off your design with a Custom DJ booth? 

Presentation is everything,

so impress your guests with one of our custom wedding DJ booths in Minnesota that will help your wedding reception stand out. Besides the head table, the DJ booth is one of the most viewed items at your reception. With so many different DJ booth design options, your certain to find a booth to perfectly match your wedding venue and decor.

Wedding DJ Booth Design

Brides are often surprised to realize that the DJ set up is typically overlooked during their design stage. Most DJs normally set up their equipment on a table and that’s it. We thought there was much room for improvement, so we’ve solved that by offering our custom wedding DJ booths in Minnesota. There are several custom wedding DJ booths available including monogrammed DJ booths, rustic barn wood DJ booths and tufted leather DJ booths. The monogrammed DJ booths allow you to create a custom monogram which is applied to our gorgeous hi gloss black DJ booth. Our rustic barn wood DJ booths are hand made with authentic reclaimed barn wood and are a perfect match for rustic weddings. Our tufted leather DJ booths are our most popular and come in different colors.  No matter what your vision is for your wedding, we have a custom DJ booth that will enhance the look and feel of your venue space. 

About Instant Request

Instant Request is known for our creativity, quality and value. As the top DJ company in Minnesota, we are constantly innovating and our exclusive custom wedding DJ booths in Minnesota are testament to our creativity and commitment to excellence. If you’ve been looking for something that will set your reception apart, you’ve found it! We are known for our stress-free planning process and will work with you to customize every detail of your wedding. A custom wedding DJ booth is the perfect item to put the finishing touch on your reception. Delivery is available in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding area.  

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