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Online Event Planner

Our Online Event Planner simplifies and enhances the planning process by allowing you to customize every detail of your event, from timelines and music to DJ interaction, ensuring a personalized and efficiently planned reception.

We realize that every event is unique and that your time is valuable.

Our exclusive Online Event Planner will streamline your planning process. It’ll walk you through the timeline of a typical reception; giving you the opportunity to customize everything exactly the way you would like while providing helpful suggestions along the way.

Three weeks before your reception, we’ll use your planner’s online profile to match you with a DJ that fits your musical tastes, style, and interaction level.

Using our planner will dramatically increase your efficiency in planning your reception, and provide your DJ with the detail needed to ensure your event goes as planned.

Some of the features on the on-line event planner include:

No matter the style of your event, our wedding DJs in Minneapolis (that feature black tie DJ options) will get your guests up and moving from the start of the reception to the very end. As wedding DJ specialists, we even take the time to work with your wedding planner to help provide a seamless experience for everyone. We help you create an unforgettable experience on your special day with the help of our unique and custom DJ offerings.

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If you are looking for more information or would like to request a reservation contract please contact us.