How to Choose the Right DJ for Your Wedding

The Anniversary Dance – Wedding DJ in Minneapolis

The Anniversary Dance No two wedding dances are exactly the same. Traditional crowd participation events like the bouquet toss, garter toss, and the dollar dance can be instrumental in creating those special moments that will make your…

Welcome to Your Reception: All Things Grand March.

There is a lot more to DJing weddings than keeping the dance floor full. As a wedding DJ in the Twin Cities, it’s typical to be on-site for long before guests arrive. There is a lot of preparation that goes into making sure all of the emceeing…
Wedding DJ in Minneapolis DJ Randy G

Back in Black: My First Wedding back during the COVID pandemic. The perspective of an experienced Wedding DJ.

It was my first show in quite a while. Like virtually every other industry, the world of weddings was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and hit hard. With the resulting lockdowns and wedding postponements, my lack of DJing became another entry…
A DJ's mix table at a party.

Things You Should Tell Your Wedding DJ

After months of planning, making reservations, and stress, the wedding day is on the horizon and the party of your lifetime will be here soon. To make sure that the wedding reception is fun for everyone and an epic night of memories, there is…
Ensuring a Packed Dance Floor at your Wedding

Ensuring a Packed Dance Floor at your Wedding

A quality DJ knows what it takes to create a successful dance at a wedding reception. You may have playlists and some ideas of your own but chances are you’ve never planned a dance for a wedding reception. How many songs should you select?…
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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding DJ

For most couples, planning a wedding is a bit of an unknown. Where do you begin? What questions do you ask? Hiring a professional wedding DJ can help answer your questions and place your mind at ease. Obviously, your DJ can play music. However,…
How to Choose the Right DJ for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Right DJ for Your Wedding

The DJ you hire for your wedding reception sets the tone for the whole event. They will act as the emcee, make announcements, and be responsible for organizing your guests well as mixing the music at the right time. It goes without saying that you want a DJ with superb social skills and a great personality. Of course, they’ll need to know a lot about music. They need to entertain tastefully, and not overpower your celebration. But will they be a good fit for you? We’ve put together some tips on how to choose the right DJ for your wedding.