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People have told me that my reception site has poor acoustics. Do you have experience with this?

We are recommended by most of these venues because of our decades of proven performance. We have worked with these acoustically difficult venues to provide a system that is suited for that space.

Is there a wireless microphone available for toasts and announcements?

Yes, we provide a wireless microphone. In fact, we will even show those people giving toasts or announcements how to use it properly.

What happens if a piece of equipment breaks at the show?

All of our DJ systems have backup equipment on site. Beyond that we also have backup equipment and personnel scheduled every night, and available at a moments notice.

Can we use your sound system for our DVD photo montage?

Yes, and it’s free! We can also provide you with a DVD player, LCD projector, and screen for a nominal fee.

Will there be any signage or advertising at my wedding?

We pride ourselves in having a clean and uncluttered presentation of our equipment. There is no banner or cheesy signage. Your DJ will be dressed in a professional black suit or you can request they wear a suit if you envision something more casual. In addition, we don’t verbally advertise at your reception or put business cards on guest tables like other companies.

How long is your package for?

We provide a sound system in one location at one flat fee. This includes cocktail music, dinner music, and music for the dance until 12am.

Will I be able to speak with my DJ?

Unlike most companies who assign a DJ the week of your wedding, we will match you with a DJ that fits for your style a full 3 weeks before your reception. We will send you their profile with contact information a few weeks before your reception so you may go over details and get to know them. If you have booked the  Black Tie DJ, that includes a face to face meeting vs. a phone consultation.

Do I get to pick my own music?

Our detailed Online Event Planning software allows you to create a custom playlist for your dance, do not play list, and even select how you’d like your DJ to handle requests. Our database includes tens of thousands of titles and is updated weekly.

What if we want a song that is not in your collection?

Simply add the song to the Additional Music section of your online event planner, and we will provide it free of charge.

How many songs does the DJ have time to play during the dance?

We will play about 70 songs during a typical 4 hour dance. You will have the opportunity to listen to thousands of songs on our online event planner, create a custom song list, select must plays,  and even create a “do no play list”.

Can you provide ceremony music?

We can provide you with everything you need for your ceremony. Our online event planner will help you with song suggestions and order. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, we can provide you with any equipment you may need and have provided ceremony sound systems for countless locations. 

Do you offer karaoke?

Karaoke is a service that we provide for an additional fee. We have a large karaoke catalog and video monitors. Call the office if you’re interested in adding this to your package.

Do you take requests?

It’s your choice. You have the ability to to decide if you’d like your DJ to take requests, or just stick to your custom list. Instant Request DJs have earned their outstanding reputation by responding to requests in a timely and tasteful manner. There are thousands of songs available at the DJ’s fingertips for guests of all ages.

Can we go to a wedding where one of your DJs is performing?

Every wedding is a private event, and we respect our clients’ privacy. We allow so much customization for every client through our online event planner, that you might see something that really wouldn’t appeal to you. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to weddings, we encourage you to call the office and schedule an appointment! 952-934-6110