DJ Austin A

Austin is originally from Stillwater, MN.  He has always had a passion for music and an entrepreneurial spirit.  After falling in love with EDM music he began to attended live performances and festivals like Electric Forest.  He found himself listening to the best DJs around the world and decided to teach himself DJing and audio production. He has been DJing for over 4 years now and is always looking for the worlds best new DJs. Austin loves the variety that comes with being a DJ. He likes serving multi cultural families and learning more about music from around the world.  

When not DJing Austin runs his own  air duct cleaning company. He also practices mixed martial arts (jiu jitsu and Kickboxing) and has grappled with many professionals such as Brock Lesnar  and Dustin Porier.  Austin also loves his German Shepherd named Dante.

We had Austin as our DJ at our wedding reception. He was absolutely fantastic! He really took all of our ideas and requests and put his own spin on them. We loved how he kept in touch with us throughout the night to keep the party on track, and there was never a moment where there weren’t people on the dance floor. He did a great job of incorporating all the elements you need into a dance, interspersing slow songs into the fast sets at just the right time. I loved working with the online planner that instant request uses before the big day, it really helped to get ideas going and to organize all of the pieces of our reception. We would highly recommend this service to anyone else in the Twin Cities area!

We really appreciated how easy it was to work with Instant Request and prep for our big day. Our DJ Austin was super fun and kept the dancefloor alive.

Great communication all along the way and our DJ kept the party moving all night long.