DJ Bien CZ

Bien is originally from the Philippines but was raised in Tyler, TX from a very young age. It was a work that brought him to the Twin Cities. He has always enjoyed music from a young age. His fondest music experience is surprising his mother with tickets to Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball tour. It’s the best concert he has seen. Bien started DJing after attending an EDM concert and and becoming interested in the art. Bien’s  DJing has introduced him to new artists,. This helped him start learning audio production and song creation. 

Outside of work, Bien plays video games, paints, collects comics and loves watch watching sports.  He can also speak Tagalog (Filipino). 

Bien was amazing for both our ceremony and reception. He really took the time to make our experience great, whether it was making sure names were right, ensuring microphones were ready, or keeping people out on the dance floor. Even little things like song transitions during the ceremony were awesome. Everyone kept telling us how awesome our DJ was, plus he was a super great guy to work with! We’d book him again in a heartbeat.

Our original DJ through Instant Request had an emergency and was unable to come to our wedding. IR was quick to find a replacement and managed the whole situation well. We are paired with DJ Bien who was amazing! He kept people on the dance floor all night long. Many people told us it was the most fun they’ve had at a wedding. He listened to our requests and also took requests throughout the night. Would recommend!