DJ Chad V

Chad is one of our most experienced DJs and one  of the original members Of Instant Request DJ Team. He has DJed 100’s of events. 

 Our Instant Request DJ was great. Chad was very friendly, responsive and accommodating. He obviously knew what he was doing and helped organize the entire night. We got to sick back and enjoy the night with a worry. Also the dance was amazing! A+ 

The absolute best DJs- specifically Chad who worked our wedding! Every guest was on the dance floor at some point if not for most of the entire night! Song variety was incredible, and he really knew how to read the crowd to keep the party going. The online portal is super easy to use and they get all the necessary details so the whole day feels organized. Chad arrived early, and was all set up without having to interrupt myself or my husband from getting ready. There was no need to worry or believe I couldn’t trust the music and sound was going to be ready to go on-time, and without issue!

Starting a DJ planner was easy! Navigating it was also very simple! They had a lot of song selections to pick from and could download ones you want that they didn’t have already. Our DJ was Chad and he was absolutely wonderful! He contacted us a couple weeks before and went through our planner which was very helpful. He was a BIG part of our night, he kept the party going and the guests dancing. We were extremely pleased with Chad! He definitely contributed to making the night perfect!