DJ Danny W

Danny grew up on a small ranch in East TX.  He moved to Nebraska where he lived much of his adult life.  Now he calls  MN home. He started DJing when he got volunteered into doing it for his work’s office party. It was a party bus that ended with a Concert.  He plugged in and selected tunes all night on the bus.  They had such a good time that he was hooked.  Soon after Danny purchased Dj gear and started Ding a series of private parties. After a referral by a photographer he started DJing Weddings. That was over a decade ago and he has not looked back.  Danny Has DJed 100’s of events over the years while in NE and MN.

During the day, Danny works in businesses sales. He is also a family man and enjoys spending time with his wife and Kids.  Some of his children are learning the bass and drums. Danny’s basement is now center stage for his family Jam band.