DJ Dimitrius S

Dimitrius was born and raised in Minneapolis.  At 13 years old, he got in trouble at school for a song he wrote. Although he thought his mom was going to punish him, she took him to her friend’s house.  Her son was a big Minnesota rapper. He took Dimitrius into the  recording studio and since then he has never left. He started his career as a hip hop artist by releasing mix tapes in 2006. He eventually created his own label and released multiple singles and albums.  He has toured across the county and has pressed his own vinyl LP. He began DJing weddings while on tour promoting albums. He has DJed over 100 Weddings and performed at 100’s of Hip Hop Shows. Dimitrius also works as a Freelance Graphic Designer.

When not DJing Dimitrius like following professional martial arts, watching the Vikings, and playing pool.