DJ Haley P

Raised in Waterloo IA, Haley moved to Minneapolis to study Fine Art and Filmmaking at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has called the twin cities home ever since. Haley always loved music. She could carry a tune before she could walk. In school she played the alto saxophone, cello, and sang in the choir. She is also a passionate dancer and a frequents EDM concerts and festivals. Haley was hooked on DJing as soon as she saw DJ gear. She started mixing for fun and creating music. Then she started DJing at bars, private parties and eventually weddings. Haley DJed over 100 events and loves DJing weddings and bringing families together to dance.

Outside of DJing Haley works on film sets doing lighting design as well as post production for independent shoots. She has also created and designed gallery installations and performance art. In her free time She enjoys gaming and even creates her own mods for popular games. She also loves movies and her cat Rin which was named after a character in one of her favorite animes.