DJ Hank C

Hank is born and raised in South Minneapolis. He has always been involved in group events and celebrations. In fact he works as a Program Director for youth Summer Camps with the YMCA. Hank is a skilled guitar player and has played around many campfires. It was his knack for performance that turned him on to DJing. Hank loves all types of music and frequents concerts around the Twin Cities. Finding new bands has become a passion for him. 
When not DJing Hank loves to travel. He likes to visit a new country every year. His most recent trip was to Thailand. 

Hank also love the outdoors, everything from camping to backpacking to skiing. He enjoys playing both Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee and plays in local leagues. 

Instant request was great for our wedding, it was professional from start to finish. Our DJ Hank listened to all our requests, must plays and kept the pace of the wedding going all night.

We had a great experience with Instant Request. Our DJ Hank  was great. We consulted by phone a few times before our event. Would highly recommend him and Instant Request.