DJ Isaiah O

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Isaiah moved to Minnesota when he was in first grade. Music was something that everyone in his family enjoyed a great deal! He not only enjoyed his dad’s Hip-Hop/Rap collection but also loved listening to his mom’s favorite genre of R&B/Soul as well. Isaiah has always been drawn to DJing. During his teen years, he dabbled in DJing and began creating his own mixtapes. Eventually, when he graduated from high school, he went to the Institute of Production & Recording (IPR) in Minneapolis and received his degree in Audio Engineering & Production. While attending IPR, Isaiah started DJing professionally and hasn’t looked back since. He has DJ’d over 200 events with rave reviews.

When Isaiah is not DJing, he also enjoys running, cooking, dancing, and trading stocks and cryptocurrencies. He also loves watching professional basketball and appreciates graffiti as an art form.