DJ Javid K

Javid was born and raised in South America in Guyana. He moved with family to the US about 10 years ago. Most of his family resides in Minnesota. He always loved music as a child.  Growing up, Javid listened to  dancehall, reggae, and other music of the Caribbean. He played drums and leaned quickly. Soon he was playing the  keyboard and bass guitar.  Javid started working with audio software and creating his own music. Then  he naturally started DJing.  While Javid started DJing in Highschool, it was not till later when he started getting serious and started DJing parties and events. Javid has a great understanding of Latin pop and other international music. Javid is a avid concert goer and loves attending concerts from all genres of music.  He loves love celebratory nature and spending time with other fans.  Sharing music with people is one of Javid’s favorite things.

Outside of DJing Javid works in management and is in school for business administration. He has future plans of owning his own his own bar/club.

Javid also speaks Jamaican Patois/Creole.