DJ Jimmy B

Celebrating 20 years as a musical virtuoso, DJ Jimmy’s journey traces back to the soulful beats of Detroit. A Michigan State alum, he stumbled upon the captivating art of mixing while slinging drinks behind the bar during his college days.

Jimmy then ventured into broadcasting, gracing the airwaves of a Detroit country station. His DJ prowess rippled through Michigan’s club scene and radio waves for several years, until Chicago’s vibrant nightlife beckoned. Jimmy embraced the city’s energy, enchanting crowds in a popular Windy City club.

Since joining forces with Instant Request, Jimmy has curated over 700 events, transforming weddings across the Twin Cities into unforgettable celebrations. In the Twin Cities, his name is synonymous with the promise of a dance floor ablaze and an unforgettable celebration in full swing.

With a dancefloor alchemy that’s second to none, Jimmy has earned the title of one of the town’s most sought-after DJs. With 20 years of sonic mastery under his belt, he’s not just a DJ; he’s an experience waiting to unfold.