DJ Joey T

A newcomer to the Twin Cities, Joey is a Chicagoland native who has been writing, producing, recording and releasing their own music since they were 15 years old. With years of DJing, emceeing and performance experience, Joey is a host and performing artist, as well as the creator and organizer of multiple online music festivals. They have used these platforms to raise thousands of dollars for the Brave Space Alliance and Last Prisoner Project. He has a ton of love for every type of music, but he loves hip-hop the most! Joey is all about having a good time, and making sure that everyone else in the room is having just as much fun as they are.

When not DJing, Joey is probably working on one of many projects, exploring the Twin Cities, or playing an old, obscure video game while hanging out with their three cats, Blinko, Dougie, & the big fluffy orange one, Goten.