DJ Kalli K

Kalli has loved music and entertainment her whole life. Throughout grade school and college, Kalli developed a love for the fine arts. She has been involved in a variety of artistic crafts including acting, writing, DJing, live sound, Stage lighting,  and music production.

Kalli graduated from MSUM with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Musical Theatre. She started DJing in College and was DJing professionally as soon as she graduated in the Fargo area.  She took to it quickly and developed her skills as a DJ and  a natural Emcee DJing well over 50 events.  Kalli then moved to Twin Cities and joined the Instant Request team where she has become a client favorite.  Kallie is known for her positive energy and agility to have a lively conversation with anyone.

In her free time, Kalli can be found hanging out with her 2 cats, Missy and Goose, or rollerskating through the park with her headphones blasting Abba.