DJ McDaniel D

McDaniel was born in Liberia in West Africa. He and his family moved to the United States by way of Maryland when he was two years old and settled into Minnesota when he was eight. Growing up, McDaniel always had a love and affinity for music. He spent a lot of time listening to the radio and expanding his CD collection. Music was a was to learn American culture and make friends. He would spend hours exploring the most popular music acts in American History.  He has developed a keen sense of the biggest hit songs and albums that helped to shape American culture. He is definitely someone you can talk about music history with! McDaniel was drawn to DJ and took to it naturally. McDaniel loves seeing live concerts. Some of his favorite concerts have been Ice Cube, Ludacris, J. Cole, Tyler, The Creator, Sia, Vampire Weekend, Post Malone, and many others.

When not DJing, McDaniel loves to spend time with his wife, Beatriz, and his son, Maxwell. He also enjoys playing golf, playing basketball, and travelling.