DJ Rachel P

Adopted from China, Rachel was raised in Minneapolis. One of her fondest memories is listening to pop radio in the car with her parents and singing wildly inappropriate lyrics that she didn’t understand as a kid. Throughout school, she played the trombone in concert, jazz, marching, and pep band. Rachel’s background is in film and videography, as her dad owned one of the last independent video rental stores in Minnesota. However, she is known amongst her friends as the one who handles the aux in the car. She enjoys pop punk, classic jazz, EDM, and hip hop/rap. But, Rachel likes to discover new sounds and adapt her playlists to audience preferences.

When she’s not DJing, Rachel works in marketing and runs a creative production agency for social impact organizations. She also enjoys traveling to quirky roadside attractions, yoga, attending concerts, watching movies, learning about cephalopods, and spending time with her friends and family.