*The Magic of Winter Weddings. So cold! So what?

I get it. Minnesota winters are brutal. I for one, tend to hibernate during the cold months. As a wedding DJ in the Twin Cities, it’s clear that the wedding scene hibernates a bit as well. However, I maintain that a winter wedding has its charm. The decorating, often tying into holiday flair, can be downright dazzling. Holly, snowflakes, fireplaces, and all that. The colder it is outside, the cozier the scene inside where guests gather.

Since weddings are heavily consolidated into the warmer months, another nice thing about a winter wedding is that there’s less competition for dates. Weddings aside, there’s much more going on during the spring, summer and autumn. This can make it challenging to find a date that works for the majority of your important guests. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, and your loved ones should be there for you no matter what, however, there’s no denying that a winter wedding can make things easier schedule-wise.

And while a poorly-timed snowstorm isn’t ideal, there’s no guarantee a summer, spring or autumn wedding won’t produce a downpour. Which, of course, only means good luck. 😉

I’ve seen many a summer wedding where guests end up spread out between the dance floor, and an outside patio or similar outdoor space. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can be nice when the group stays together. This increases the energy in the room and makes it easier to mingle. On a similar note, since people tend not to go out as much in the winter, your guests may be extra excited to get down on the dance floor to scratch that itch.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of an off-season wedding is that the price of products and services offered by vendors is usually reduced, since demand for all things wedding is much higher during the non-winter months.

Here’s another thing! And I confess, this might only be considered an advantage in the realm of my own mind, but stay with me here: The winter can certainly seem gloomy when in the middle of the doldrums. BUT. Your wedding would be a magnificent something in which to look forward. And for every year after you tie the know, your winters would be brightened by the celebration of your anniversary. June? June is bright enough as it is. Also, what better time of year to enjoy a warm honeymoon escape? 

Sidenote: If you get married during January, I don’t see how you can go without including, “January Wedding” by The Avett Brothers on your playlist.

To be clear, I’m not slamming warm-weather weddings. The long and the short of it is this: Each season has a lot to offer to a wedding celebration. The gifts of winter are just a little less obvious.