Wedding Winter Wonderland

I get it. Minnesota winters are brutal. I for one, tend to hibernate during the cold months. As a wedding DJ in the Twin Cities, it’s clear that the wedding scene hibernates a bit as well. However, I maintain that a winter wedding has its charm. The decorating, often tying into holiday flair, can be […]

The Anniversary Dance for Weddings

Anniversary Dance Couple

No two wedding dances are exactly the same. Traditional crowd participation events like the bouquet toss, garter toss, and the dollar dance can be instrumental in creating those special moments that will make your wedding reception memorable for everyone. Chances are you’re familiar with these traditional crowd participation activities but there is also a lesser-known […]

Welcome to Your Reception: All Things Grand March.

There is a lot more to DJing weddings than keeping the dance floor full. As a wedding DJ in the Twin Cities, it’s typical to be on-site for long before guests arrive. There is a lot of preparation that goes into making sure all of the emceeing is executed to perfection. The Grand March, a […]